Nov 182011

I’ve been meaning to tell you about these Jammies.  They’re awesome – from Terrain Flannel and the O+S pattern.  But I’m STILL cutting orders from the 11th (almost done with that one day…then onto the rest!)  so I don’t feel like I should take time out to blog. :-)  Therefore, I’ll just share a picture with you.  That’ll be much better than  being greeted by the sad post below…and THANK you for the love and support.  It means so much to me!

  4 Responses to “New Jammies”

  1. they look fantastic! and what great fabrics.

  2. Love the fabrics… I need new jammies, need to find a pattern for me, and get some of that fabric!
    Back to folding my stash (thanks to Jeni at In color order for her organizing fabric tips!!!)… and I guess you’ll be cutting a bit this weekend! have a great one!

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