Jul 172012

Robert Kaufman recently released 28 new KONA solid colors and we have 14 of them now in stock. The new colors are so saturated and gorgeous!

New Kona Cotton Solids at Lola Pink Fabrics


I’ve got several projects in mind for these new colors. I’m such a fan of solids only quilts! Though I do love my prints too .. so much to do and so little time to do it!

The colors we got in stock include ..

New Kona Solids Melanie picked Kumquat and Wisteria as her favorites yesterday. I shall go with Azalea and Water .. just yummy! So if you had to pick .. which one would you chose as your favorite??

Added bonus:  They are on sale right now too!  20% off!!!  You can find them all right here!

  2 Responses to “A Closer Look at the New Konas”

  1. I would pick sprout, since I love green!


    Lola Pink_Jen Reply:

    Sally » Great pick! Sprout is such a pretty color. Almost chose it as my second but went with the blue at the last minute. Such a toss up!


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