Aug 162012

oh deer! by MoMo

Momo is back and Oh Deer! She has created another wonderland of whimsy and modern Japanese style. Nestled among a psychedelic rainbow of forestry are playful deer and fluttering freebirds. Pom poms of candy colored flowers pop alongside bold, graphic dots and streams of stripes while silhouettes of tiny deer are Super Kawaii! (That’s Japanese for Super CUTE!!!)

oh deer! by Momo is now available!


PS. Forgot to mention we also have layer cakes, charm packs, and jelly rolls of Oh Deer too!


  2 Responses to “Oh Deer!”

  1. eeep!!!


    Lola Pink_Jen Reply:

    LOL I had the exact same reaction yesterday with every bolt we took out of the box. The fabrics are just to die for.


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