Jan 172009

Today marks the one year date for my business!!!!  (Or I really should say one year ago today, I had my first sale.  :-)  )  It has been quite the year.  I could go on and on about how much I have learned.  How things are so different than I had thought they would be, the ups, the down, etc. etc.  But really I think most would find that a bit on the boring side.  So then, we’ll skip the boring and go straight to the exciting!!!! A bit of  free always excites people – right?

4 gifts – 4 chances to win!!!!

(I had a hard time deciding!)

$50 Gift Certificate to buy wonderful glorious fabrics, patterns and kits in my shop!!!

Fat Quarters of the Earth colorway of Andalucia (my fall favorite) by Patty Young!!!

Adorable Scrumptious Sandi Henderson pattern – Ruffle Pants!!!

Whimsical Fun Woodland Bloom charm pack and pattern from Lila Tueller!!!

Now, is this fun?  or is this fun?!?!?!

How do you enter?

1. Leave a comment on this post to say hello or congratulations or how much you love me.  Ya know, in general, flattery is good!

There are 4 gifts – so I’ll give you 4 chances to increase your odds!

1. Blog about this contest and receive 5 extra entries. (Be sure to let me know!)

2. Add some pictures to my flickr group for 3 extra entries! (not per picture, pictures already there do not count)

3. All purchases between today and Jan 31, 2009 to receive 5 extra entries.

4. Place my button on your blog or website and receive 5 extra entries.

I can help with the html :-)

Above All Fabric

The drawing will be on February 1st, 2009.  That gives you 2 full weeks to get out there and have some fun and Above All (win some) Fabric!!!!

Thanks for a wonderful first year!

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  1. Congrats on one year!! In a couple of months, We’ll have been friends for a year. You have gotten so much accomplished and your business is getting bigger and bigger!

  2. Congratulations on one year of your new business. You are amazing! I pray God’s richest blessings on you in the year ahead. And I do love you more than you’ll ever know.

  3. What a great idea!! I will do all of the following (…except maybe not the Flickr thing…do I have to have a photo of something with fabric from your shop??). I’d love to spread the word about you!
    :) Maybe I’ll call you today….

  4. This IS fun! What a great giveaway! I’ve already blogged about it and I “tweeted” it on Twitter, too! Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary!

  5. thank you! great taste in fabric…i’ll put a button on my blog now and cross my fingers!

  6. So exciting!! I really have enjoyed chatting with you and reading your blog and definitely getting fabric from you! Congratulations!

  7. Raise your fork of carmel filled choco. cake…today is day to celebrate! Big congrats! Slap a button on my blog, you’re definetely worth advertising (I’ll just need DETAILED instructions on how to do so). Oh happy day!

  8. pretty amazing you are! When I teach my econ unit I use you and your business as an example. Isn’t that special.
    I may have to figure out how to put yoru botton on my blog…I may need to call you. :)

  9. Congratulations on the Anniversary. May you have many more successful years.
    What generous giveaways…. pretty and fun too!


  10. Love your site!!! Cute, cute stuff!!

  11. Congratulations on one year! You’re awesome!

    What a wonderful give away… very generous of you!

    I will blog about this + put your button on my blog.


  12. Congratulations! Love that Andalucia line and the Earth colorway is my favorite.

  13. Congratulations!!!
    Love your blog and your fabrics!

  14. Wow! What beautiful fabric. Congratulations on the anniversary of your first sale. May the coming year be all that you dream and more! Thanks for the chance to win.

  15. Thanks for entering me in your giveaway! I will be blogging about it later this evening- be sure to check it out :)

  16. Congrats!! And all those details aren’t boring! I love hearing how people create a successful start-up!

    la_rubicita at yahoo dot com

  17. I added your button to my blog: http://mommasez.blogspot.com

    la_rubicita at yahoo dot com

  18. I love the fabrics featured on the giveaway! Please enter me – I’ll post this news on my blog and hopefully be able to decide on a fabric choice too! :)

  19. I’m posting again here because I love the content of your blog – you write about everything that I love! The idea of doing your own ironing board cover is fabulous! I’ve always hated mine and had never thought of re-doing ours…but I will now! I’m adding you to my blog reader and putting your button on my blog also. :)

  20. Oh, what fun! I read about this at Imagine. Dream. Create. This is my first time here. I’m so glad I found you. Your button is in my side bar and I also shared about your giveaway with my readers:


    Please come by my blog for a visit!

    Deborah @ Comfort Joy Designs

  21. Oh…I forgot to tell you! If your giveaway is not open internationally, no worries…I have a U.S. address, too!

  22. I am quite impressed, my mom would love your site I will have to send her the link!

  23. Congratulations on your shop – it’s just gorgeous ! (and I really mean that ! ). Love the giveaway too.

  24. I’d love a chance to win! Congrats on the 1 year mark! I can’t wait to see how many give aways you’ll have for the 10 year mark. =)

  25. HELLO !!!!!!

  26. Congrats on a successful first year.

  27. Congradulations. Great giveaway.

  28. I posted on my blog – http://mommasez.blogspot.com

    la_rubicita at yahoo dot com

  29. Just letting you know I’ve also added some photos to your Flickr Group. Thanks.

  30. Cute stuff!

  31. Congratulation! Keep up the good work.

  32. Gorgeous gorgeous fabrics!! Congratulations on your one year anniversary. Keep going stong!

  33. Cool. I’d love to win any of these. I just started sewing about a year ago and am trying to tackle my first quilt for my 4 month old son. It’s been so fun!! I look forward to many more quilts and projects in the future.

  34. Congratulations! and thank you for the chance to win the wonderful giveaway!

  35. Congrats and thanks for the giveaway!

  36. Congratulations on you first year!
    Have a Blessed Day,

  37. Wow! Congratulations! You have a great eye for fabric & design!

  38. What an accomplishment! That is so great :)

  39. I added your button to my blog :)

  40. One year yay! Congrats to you! And thank you for entering me in your very generous giveaway!

  41. Congratulations on one year!!! && thanks for the awesome giveaway!!


  42. Congrats on a business that seems to be thriving for a year! Thank you for passing your bit of fortune on to us.

  43. Congrats on one year! Thanks for such a great giveaway! My fingers are crossed until drawing day

  44. Hello! This is my first time here and your shop looks really cool — lots of beautiful and unusual fabrics there! I’ll definitely be back.

  45. Congratulations on 1 year! I spent some time in your shop, you have some really nice fabic and I love your selections for this contest! I look forward to visiting again!

  46. WOW-Such a generous giveaway! I’ll post a link on my blog!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  47. So here’s another congrats! This is actually my first visit on your site. I followed a link from Lila’s site. I’m enjoying looking around and browsing your site. Thanks for the giveaway!

  48. Love your blog, congrats on 1 year. Thanks for he great giveaway.

  49. Congratulations you sweet sexy georgous blog woman and you have just done so much to improve the way the world wide web works keep it up with out you the world would probly stop turing….Ok was that good?????? God Bless and thank you I will try to link woth the thing up there….

  50. Congratulations and thank you for the opportunity to win!

  51. Congratulations on your one year anniversary! Woo hoo! Great giveaway.

  52. Congrats! I have just recently been overcome with the desire for your patterns, which has led to a new fabric love, and I see no end in sight!! Can’t wait to jump on the Lila bandwagon.

  53. Hi. You have such a cool site. I think i have to make the chocolate-caramel cake. Yum And i checked out your store, you have such nice fabric. The gift certificate would be great.

  54. Happy Anniversary! Such pretty fabrics! Thanks for having a contest! Love your blog!

  55. Congrats on your blogaversay. What a fabulous giveaway!!

  56. Congrats on your first year!! You have beautiful fabrics on your website!

  57. Congratulations on your first year of business! I know I will continue to be a customer in 2009! I just love your selection and great customer service.

  58. Ohh I love the fabric!! So cute!!
    Happy blogaversary!! :-)

  59. congratulations on a great year and thank you for a really wonderful giveaway
    Rita E in AZ

  60. This is my very first visit to your blog! I came here via ‘imagine, dream, create’ Cindy’s blog. wouldn’t mind winning one of your give aways but really I am just happy to have found you and will do more exploring of your past posts, come visit me, if you like, too. Hope your second year is even more successful!

  61. Happy Anniversary! What wonderful giveaways! Thanks for sharing!

  62. Congrats on one year!

  63. What a great giveaway! Congrats on your first year!

  64. Thank you for the opportunity to win this wonderful stuff. Actually I would really LOVE to hear your 1 year of business story and I am sure many others would too.

  65. Congratulations on a fabulous year. I wish you have many more. I would love to win one of the fabric prizes. My church has a Hugs Ministry where we make blankets, pair them with a stuffie, and give them to the local fire and sheriff’s departments for kids in crisis situations so the kids have a Hug. Thank you for offering this wonderful give-away. Take care and God bless, Cory

  66. Love your blog and website! I just saw the link for the ocntest on another blog feed I get and since I just started quilting I had to check this out. Congrats! On one year of your business. That is so exciting. I wish you all the successes for another great year!

  67. Congratulations on your first year!

  68. I sat down this afternoon for a leisurely stroll around blogland looking for inspiration for a new quilt. I found Imagine, Dream, Create and then you. Thanks so much for offering this wonderful giveaway. I’m off to check out your fabric. Blessings, Heather D.

  69. […] Fabric, Family and Fun is celebrating their first anniversary and in honor of the occasion is holding a contest. One prize is a $50 gift certificate to buy fabric! This is super exciting and I can’t wait to win!  I am so excited that I’ve even added the site’s button to my sidebar, isn’t it great?! […]

  70. Congrats on your first year! Very exciting and I am happy to have written a post on my site about your contest. I’ve also added your button on my site!

  71. Found you over at The Sewing Mom! Congrats on your anniversary and good luck in the next year!

  72. Congratulations on one year with your shop!!!

  73. Congratulations on the one year anniversary of your shop! I put your button on my blog.

  74. Congratulations! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  75. Beautiful stuff! Would love to win any of it.

  76. What fun stuff! So many projects. So little time!

  77. Pick me, pick me! I’m feeling inspired by those fabbo fabrics!

  78. I finally got around to blogging about your giveaway and putting your button on my blog- thanks for the chance to win!

  79. Congratulations! Thanks for the giveaway, keep up the good work.

  80. Congratulations on a successful year! I have blogged about your contest and have put your button on my website.

  81. congratulations, I would love to win!

  82. Congratulations on your First Fabulous Year and a Fabulous Giveaway to celebrate!
    I’ll be sharing your celebrations on my blog later today. Thanks.

  83. You have a great eye for color combination and what looks good with certain patterns. What a give away.!

  84. Congrats! Not only is it awesome fabric, but your blog is so cute! Yay for cuteness!

  85. Congratulations on your anniversary!

  86. Congrats on your success!

  87. You do have fabulous taste to chose that Andalusia as your Fall favorite. Butter up and butter up………but actually I mean it.

  88. Congrats on your one year web store.

  89. Hello. congratulations on one year of wonderful craziness. I would love to win any one of your awesome drawings.

  90. How fun! Congratulations on your business’s anniversary!

  91. Congrats on your one year mark and many many more.

  92. congrats on hitting your one year mark!!!

  93. Congratulations on your one year in business. Very nice giveaway . I have put a link on my blog. I have also put a button on my website.

  94. Congrats to you!!! Please enter me in your drawing.

  95. Congratulations on twelve months of trading and best wishes for many more. I’ve been rather lucky lately so I’m giving it a go with one entry. The saying goes, “you only need one to win”, and I still have four chances when there is four prizes! Thanks for the opportunity!

  96. I do stamping blogs all the time, but hadn’t even conceived of a quilting blogger! Where have I been? Mars? Will share this with my sister. She’s practicallly a professional quilter, so I might get her to visit. She doesn’t even post comments on my blog, so we’ll see. Congratulations on your first year, even though I was totally unaware!

  97. Have gotten great ideas just looking at your blog and website. Thanks for all the info and congrats to you!!

  98. I forgot to add my email when I commented. but, congrats again on your one year anniversay.

    emily41501 at yahoo dot com

    I hope I win :-)

  99. I love your website and congrats on your 1 year anniversary!!

  100. Congrat’s and continued success! Fabulous fabrics thanks
    for throwing my name in for a chance to win.

  101. Hello and congratulations! I wish you much success in the coming year. Hope today is my lucky day

  102. I’d love to win. I just came upon your blog and fabric store. Fabulous! I’ve added you to my sidebar under “Online Fabulous Fabric.” Thanks for giving me a chance to win.


  103. Congrats! I would love a chance to win.

  104. I just found your blog and love it so far! Who wouldn’t with 4 giveaways! :) I hope I win!

  105. Great website. This is my first time here but I love Lila Tueller fabrics! Your website is great! Very well done. I’ll be back.

  106. Congrats on one year! I love fabric too and am excited that I found your site.

  107. Congratulations on a successful year! It’s very inspiring :) I shall also put your button on my blog.

  108. Many, many congrats!

  109. I can’t believe how much you have done in just ONE year! Congratulations and cheers to many more years of success.

  110. Wow, what a generous giveaway! I so love the Andalucia line of fabric. There are so many pretty projects out there made from it. Thank you so much for letting me enter.

    Angie H.

  111. Hi there! Congratulations & please enter my name in your giveaway! I will mention your site & TRY (LOL) to link your button as well! Thank you!

  112. Lovely giveaway, and so generous. Please enter me and I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  113. Congratulations on your one year anniversary!! I hope you have many, many more years of prosperity ahead!!

    Thanks for the fabulous giveaway!! :)

  114. Congratulations! And, what a fabulous giveaway. All four prizes are awesome. I uploaded some pictures of my recent work to Flickr as well.

  115. Just stumbled across this great site and would love to hop in the hat for the drawing! Thanks.

  116. I need to go check out your store as I am wanting to create a knot dress with Andalucia fabrics! Congrats on your anniversary! :)

  117. How much do I love you? Oh, I love you T.H.I.S. much!!!


  118. Wow, what a cool thing! A friend just told me about your blog and the contest that you are running because I am about to hold a contest of my own! I love the fabrics you have would love to get some to use in my photos for clients. Congrats on your anniversary and feel free to check out my blog as well: http://www.wondertimephoto.com – Thanks! ~Michelle

  119. You are fabulous! Your etsy shop is on my faves

  120. Congrats! Hope you have many more years!

  121. Congratulations! I love your fabrics!

  122. A year is a great first mile-stone. Here is to many more to come. Love your patterns and the fabric is YUMMY!

  123. Congratulations on your one year of your business! YAY!

    Love all your goodies in your shop!

    Thank you so much and Have a lovely evening!

  124. I forgot to say I took your cute button and placed it on my sidebar!

    Thanks again!

  125. Congratulations! We wish you many good year too!
    Detti and Gréta

  126. Wow! Congrats on your first year of business! How exciting is that? Super! Ok, now for the flattery part…How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…you are awesome!! No really, thanks for the chance to win some super duper prizes!! I hope I win!!

    I also blogged about your giveaway on my blog.

    I’d like to put a button on my blog too but can’t locate the html code.

  127. Congrats on a wonderful year!

  128. Congrats! Hope you have many more fantastic years!

  129. Congratulations I really like your prizes It must be so cool to own a fabric store.

  130. Congratulations!

  131. Let me just be honest here. I was looking around for fabric giveaways and found your blog. I could use some free fabric! I’m trying to create a stash and I would love to add some beautiful fabric to the little teeny bit that I already have. So, I’m cheering for the $50 gift certificate!!

  132. congrats on completing one year. love your store. Keeping my fingers crossed. I am starting to make a list of all the things I can buy for $50 at your store. Thanks for the awesome giveaway. I really hope I win.

  133. Congratulations! ANd thanks for such a great giveaway!
    I’d love to win!!

  134. I am brand new to your website. I caught a link from Confessions of a Craft Addict. I love the fabric! And I can’t wait to explore all your site has to offer! Congratulations on your first year!

  135. Count me in! What a great way to celebrate…
    Love your blog…

  136. Just discovered your fabrics, patterens and blog! And discovered that you live about a mile away from me! Love your enthusiasm, drive and honesty about fabric and design – my two favorite things, hobbies and passions! Just moved to this state 4 months ago to return to school after many years away and very jealous (is that the right word?) of your energy in creating admist little and mid-size people’s demands! Being creative is happiness in my book!

  137. I love your blog! It’s so whimsical and fun–such a treasure to happen upon! And, of course, I’m always in for more fabric and crafting goodies!!


  138. I was just recently turned on to your website and I love it. So much fun!

  139. Congratulations on your first year. Can’t wait to go to your store to look around. What a great giveaway! Thanks. annmarie

  140. Oh my I just found your blog and cannot beleive I missed a whole year of fun, not anymore, you are now on my google reader. Congrats!!!

  141. Congratulations! I love the pattern for barcelona skirts and also the ruffle pants. I just got a sewing machine for christmas and I am looking forward to making some clothes for my daughter (a toddler) and also for myself!

  142. Love the ruffle pants!

  143. Congrats and GREAT prizes!! I’ll be putting your button on my blog now . . .

  144. Congrats on 1 year! I love your shop! I never realized that you had a blog and I’m glad I discovered it. I posted about the give-away on mine and also put a few pics in the flickr group today. Yay!

  145. I am so excited to find your blog tonight. I was looking for a new one to read and the fabric popped out at me:) Congratulations on your success!


  146. What a fun give away with stuff from a few of my favorite people! Thanks! I’ve been dying to get my hands on some Andalucia since market! I’ll definately blog about this one! -Lucy

  147. […] to find ways to add to my fabric supply without maxing out my credit cards Giveaways like the one Family Fabric Fun is having is a great way to build a stash or supplement one you already have […]

  148. Congratulations! I always love to hear people make a success out of something they love. I added to the flickr pool and posted about this on my blog at http://modernquiltlove.wordpress.com.

  149. This is the first time I have visited your site. Congratulations one one year! I look forward to looking around. Nyla-Jean Kingston, Ontario

  150. Congratulations on your store’s 1st anniversary!

  151. CONGRATS on one year! I LOVE your site-it’s where I get most of my fabric :) Maybe one day I can be as cool as you and have BOLTS of fabric lining the walls of my special sewing room. That must be heaven…:)

  152. p.s. I blogged AND added a button-boy did that one take a while to figure out :)

  153. I am so happy I found this blog and at this time. First off, congratulations! I will be purchasing from you soon, I’m sure but I’ve posted about the giveaway and will link your button if you tell me how! lol Beck

  154. Hell I came across your blog through a search. Great stuff here. I would like to enter your fun contest if you could help me out with the HTML for your button I would be happy to post it on my family blog. Thanks

  155. Congratulations on your 1 year in business. I would love to win one of your gifts. Thanks for the giveaway.

    accoupons at gmail dot com

  156. Congrats! I love your fabrics and ribbons. Thanks for the chance to win the giveaway. I’m keeping my fingers crossed And adding a button to my blog. Thanks again!

  157. Congratulations on one year! What a generous give-away!

  158. Hi melanie thank you for your help. I wrote a blog in my crafty blog section for you here is the link http://craftyharlan.blogspot.com/
    I also added your button to my family blog that our family watches.

    I hope I hope I win but if not this sure was fun thank you

  159. Congratulations,I only found your blog today and I sure would love to win and will add your blog to my favorites

  160. Way to go! I love your blog and fabric and you have great sales, selection and customer service. I would love to win! and I just did a post for you. Can you help me with the html on the button and I’ll but it on my side bar.

  161. I am so excited I found your store!! I’m almost giddy knowing all the cute designer fabric is right here in Tucson after all! Thanks so much for the sewing night, it was “sew” much fun! (even though my cupcake came out a little funky :)

  162. Happy One Year Anniversary!

    What a generous giveaway! I’d love to be entered!

  163. I just now ran across your blog, but can’t wait to discover more! It looks so inviting, colorful, and interesting! I blogged about the giveaway and I also added a picture to your flickr group.

  164. i’m new to quilting so I don’t even have a stash yet!! this would definitely help with that, but only if i win!

  165. Hey there – congrats!!!! one year is a huge thing!!

    love the goodies you’ve picked for the prizes .. am keeping my fingers crossed that I might win!!

    i’ve blogged and posted your button on my blog :)

    yeah more chances for pour moi!!

    good luck to everyone!!


  166. Congrats on the first year, and have fun going forth. Love the prizes, and am hoping that I’m on the win list. :-)

  167. Congrats on your first year! Such a milestone! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway – I’m sure we could all use a little “pick me up” now that the holidays are over and the economy is draggin us down!

  168. What a great giveaway! How exciting :)

  169. Hi!
    congratulations on your first year! Hope there are many more!

  170. I love the fabric I recently ordered from you—my first order, but I’ll be back for more!

  171. I just stumbled across your blog, What a wonderful givewaway!
    Congrats on your first year!

  172. Congratulations on the anniversary! such a great giveaway . . . I linked over but I can’t remember where I was :)

    I too would love to hear all that you’ve learned in the last year!

  173. Congratulations on your anniversary. I’d love to be one of your winners.


  174. What a wonderful blog you have. Great things you have shared. I am going to make your Chocolate Caramel cake this week-yummy!!
    Please enter me for your giveaway.

  175. I love the fabric that you have on the giveaway and think your fabric choices are awesome.

  176. fun blog! LOVE the fabric!

  177. Yeah for you one good year and many more to come!

  178. I love your blog- so excited to find it. I posted about your contest at my blog, too. (www.melissazane.blogspot.com) I’d love to add your button, but am a techno-failure. I will keep my fingers crossed.

  179. Congratulations! One year in business, here is to many, many more profitable years ahead.

  180. Congratulations!!! One yr is fabulous, hope I make it there soon!!! Please pick me!!

  181. Wow, congrats on the business anniversary. Add me to your list please…love the ones pictured.

  182. Congrats on making it one whole year! Here’s to 20 or 30 more!

  183. Congratulations on your first year anniversary! I have bought fabric from you before, thank you for the wonderful service too.

  184. This is a great giveaway! Not sure how I ran across it, but I’m glad I did. I’ve already blogged about it, and I added your banner to my blog as well. I absolutely love the new fabrics by Patty Young and can’t wait to get my hands on some. Good luck to everyone, and thanks for the opportunity.

  185. Congratulations on one year! I love reading your blog, though I haven’t ordered from your shop. The exchange rate isn’t very good at this time :( (I’m Canadian) I do not have a blog to promote your giveaway, but I have posted three photos on your flickr group.

    Keep up the good work!

  186. Congrats on the business milestone! I love how colorful your blog is, too!

  187. Hi! Just found your website on imagine.dream.create. I will be back! Hopefully I will be lucky enough to win one of your prizes…

  188. Fun blog. I found you through Lila Tueller’s blog. I am so glad I did. Your fabrics are awesome.
    You go girl!

  189. WOWSER!!! free fabric can be sent, tried on projects, admired, felt with the hands & tested for warmth & stability, by my border–THEEEE CAT!
    I’m in need to start the New Year..with new fabric. It’s already the end of Jan., & DH has been able to retstain me from buying.(not for long, though!)

  190. Congrats!! Love your cards!! You’re very generous. Thanks for a chance to win!

  191. Congrats! you know how much I love your fabrics!

  192. Congratulations! Thanks for the chance to win!

  193. Please enter me into your give-away! I love give-aways, have never won one, but maybe someday!!

  194. Congrats….lovely lovely fabric…I would love to win.
    I will put the button on my blog http://www.bejeweledquilts.blogspot. do I get five more if I put it on http://www.thompsonfamilyquilts.blogspot.com?

    I will certainly check out your store.

    Then I will post on my blog about your giveaway as well.

  195. Hello….GREAT giveaway and congratulations on your 1-year anniversary!!! I found your blog from Barb (bejeweledquilts). I’d love to be entered in your giveaway for one of the 4 prizes. Your blog looks nice…I’ll be back!

  196. Thanks for the fabulous fabrics!, and congratulations on the one year anniversary of your business, I know that has alot to do with the great fabrics you sell – plus the superfast shipping, I have never received a parcel so fast from the states lol!!! Take care and will definately add a button to my blog (not just for the competition 😉 )
    Hugs from down under

  197. So wonderful to meet you and congratulate you on your one year anniversary. I am sure it has been a year of learning, but you made it. Way to go!!!!

  198. […] you want to get in on another free give away go to Fabric, Family, Fun and get a chance to win some fabric from her on line shop.  I had not come across this site before […]

  199. Hello and sincere congratulations on the one year anniversary of your business. This is my first time here, and I love your fabrics. I haven’t quilted in years and your site is so inspiring to me.
    I’m posting about your contest tonight on my blog and adding your logo as well.

    My site address is

  200. Nice to meet you…and Congratulations on your first year!!! That is awesome!!!

  201. Congratulations on your one year anniversary in your business. Francis Moore

  202. Congratulations!

  203. Congratulations! Wonderful year!

  204. Oh what fun! And congratulations!

  205. great giveaway! congrats!

  206. Congratulations on a one-year anniversary! May there be many more in store for you!

  207. Congratulations! May 2009 bring even more success.

  208. Congratulations! Best wishes for another great year!

  209. Congratulations. I admire anyone who can do what you have done. The fabric is gorgeous – where I live there is only 2 shops where you can buy material – otherwise you fly or drive 1200km! I’d love some more fabric.

  210. Congratulations on your achievements. You’ll be around for many more years to come. I’d love to win a little bit, ’cause I’m a beginner in this craft of quilt making….

  211. Hello! Happy Birthday! I have visited again and again over the past year and you have given me so much inspiration! thank you!

    No blog or picture to post on Flickr. I’m a newbie. Just a momma of four small ones just beginning to find time to create and sew and feeling an addiction of fabric coming on. seriously. I’m having a blast starting with simple things for my girls and have been comtemplating a quilt. The fabrics in your shop are super.

    Thanks for the fun giveaway — I’m going to go now and cross my fingers.

  212. Congratulations! Your shop is really tempting! =O)
    Wish you a prosperous future too!
    I did put a link up on my blog – hopefully you will get many visitors from Sweden!


  213. I just discovered your shop and blog.Fabulous! Congratulations and many more years to you! I will definitely be back.

  214. I am so happy to have found your blog through Cornfield Quilter. Congratulations on one year!

  215. I found you from Chronicles of a Country Girl and I’m so glad! I’m heading over to my blog now and blogging about you!

  216. Congratulations on One year !
    I a sure the next one will be even more successful!

  217. Congrats on your anniversary……that says a lot in this economy. Hopefully I can win one of your great prizes.

  218. Congratulations on 1 year! I just found your site from a quilting site that I was checking out, that I found from Pioneer Woman. (Man, I need to get on focus here and get back to work!)

    Have a great day, best wishes on your venture!


  219. woohoo!! congrats on 1 year! I’m the next one will be even better.

  220. Love your site & love your inspirations! Mahalo Nui Loa & aloha from Hawaii!

  221. I have put a button on my block and written about your giveaway also! I sure hope you pick me!

  222. I went into the most amazing fabric store today….Graci Lou’s. They had you fabric and lots of patterns. It was so great and the best thing about it was that they were almost completely sold out of it. I asked when she would be getting more in and she said they were just waiting for the new line to come in. Congratulations. You are AWESOME.
    P.S. I can’t wait to make little Sadie the outfit with the ruffle pants and bell top. Precious!

  223. Count me in! Such yummy fabric!

  224. Linked on over here from somewhere that has your button :) Congrats on your 1st anniversary! I have no ways to get any extra entrys, but that’s ok…oh I love that starling fabric too! Hope you get to make something with it…if I get a GC that might be the first thing I purchase! Way tooo cute!

  225. Wonderful, fantastic! My fingers are crossed (and it’s hard to sew like this).
    I’ve posted on my blog, added the picture AND included a link back to here. Am I in? ☺

  226. Congrats on your milestone. Love your blog and by all means throw my name into the hat for your drawing.
    Thanks for sharing.

  227. What a neat little give-away. I wrote about your give-away on my blog, and posted a link to your site, but I couldn’t figure out how to post your button.

  228. Congratulations! I live in Sweden and I have just found your shop and blog. Love it!

  229. Wow, such a generous give a way. I am a new blogger ( 1 month) and am having so much fun learning how and making such great friends. Pat ( a little of this and a little of Pat )sent me to your site. Congratulations on your 1 st year, may you have many, many more. Happy Quilting!

  230. See how new I am ,forgot to sign it and give my Website LOL

  231. Sounds like things are going great for you. It is one thing that people can afford while in a economic slowdown. I just found you, and congratulate you.

  232. Great Giveaway – would love to win something!

  233. I’ve been inspired to take up my quilting again..Thank you..

  234. Good Morning
    I just found your blog and it looks like you do things in a fun way. I will bookmark your spot and come back to visit.

  235. I just found your sight and I love it. Gotta lovea girl who loves fabric as much as I do. Congratulations on a great year.


  236. Congrats on your blog-aversary!

  237. congrats on your “anniversary”. here’s to many more!

  238. Yes, please! I always need an excuse to increase the stash!

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