Mar 262010

I spent some time with my inventory today.
We laughed,
we cried,
we had a great time together.
But now it’s time to say goodbye….
especially to those bolts that have very little remaining!

So I’ve created a section just for the weekend filled with the most delightful fabrics that need new homes. :-) I don’t expect many of these to last long.

It was fun while it lasted!

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***A few details:****
Backorders not accepted. If you order more than is in stock, what is available will be mailed and a refund issued.

  2 Responses to “One Yard Sale”

  1. OK your posts lately make me want to do 2 things: buy more fabric and sew. And I can’t do either right now. I spent enough at your awesome spring sale and sewed a few baby bibs that very day. However- I might sneak and buy some of these lovely yards. 😉


  2. Yes!! I made it!


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