May 122009


A pretty picture to entice you…to draw you in!  This is the Feather colorway of Red Letter Day!  It’s really adorable fabric.  I’m anxious to see what everyone creates!  (PS Just to be clear – Red Letter Day is not organic.  It is wonderful cotton fabric though!)


I leave for Pittsburgh soon!  I’m excited to see all the wonderful lines you have suggested, and I am also looking for Cotton Organic Fabric Prints.  (Ideally cotton or cotton/bamboo blends – and in general 44/45 inches width.)  Can you please take my polls below to help me find the right products for you?!?!  Thanks


And if my polls don’t work – I’d be very appreciative if you’d leave a response in the comments. You do not have to have a wordpress account and your email address will not be published!  Plus if you’d like to give more info in the comments, that would be great!  Thank you!

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  1. Great idea to do the polls! Helps you to plan a little better.


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