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I get by with a little help from my friends

Bloom & Grow Quilt

Check out this quilt that Elena made! Isn’t it fantastic? It’s the Popp’n Posies Quilt Pattern by Izzy & Ivy. We used Bloom & Grow for the fabric. Throw in fantabulous turquoise Jumbo Ric Rac, 3 delightful colours o velvet ric rac and you’re got yourself one adorable quilt! (Yes, I make up words, and sometimes I pretend I’m British…espcially when I’m listening to the Beatles and so I have to spell accordingly.)  Anyway….I’m very very glad I have a friend who loves to quilt!  And she is SO good at it too!  Wouldn’t you agree?!?!?   :-)

Bloom & Grow Quilt

Bloom & Grow Quilt
Bloom & Grow Quilt

The kit is availalbe here. It’s also available in the Just Dreamy fabrics (also by Riley Blake)

By the way, I’m considering starting every single post with lyrics from songs.  Wouldn’t it be fun to play a little game. Like you had to guess the artist? But it couldn’t be super easy like the Beatles and Google would probably ruin the game. I’d have to work hard to be sneaky.  Hmmm….maybe next time because

If I listen close I can hear them singers
Voices in your body coming through on the radio

  11 Responses to “Popp'n Posies”

  1. ELENA!! that is absolutely beautiful…..where do I place my order?!??! :) great job….maybe I need you to teach me how to quilt??

  2. What a fun and lovely quilt! Elena should be so proud!

  3. Wow Wow Wow!!! LOVE this quilt. One of my New Years Try-To Resolutions was to make my first quilt! I’ve stuck charm packs together in a smattering of a quilt before, but I’d like to DO A REAL QUILT this year! This is my favorite (next to the circle quilt from Sweetwater)!

    Didn’t know you did Tri’s!!!! Awesome! I’m actually thinking about (seeing if there is enough money to) go to my friend from elementary school’s wedding in AZ, she’s in Scottsdale, maybe I’ll look up a race out there! Ha! Probably not, I’m not THAT girl. Just a mom tryin’ her own thing!

    Thanks for entering my little contest! Can’t wait until Friday! I’m reading the answers to my daughter and letting her pick her favorite!

    Thanks for this segment!

    • Oh your daughter’s picking! Then I totally need to up the game….thinking of better snow stories now. LOL :-)

      I don’t do tris really – I just swim (horribly) bike and run for practice. But this is the year. I’m thinking a short short distance would be ideal b/c I’m pretty certain it’ll take me 8-10 hours at the rate I go! of course, if you can come to AZ you have to let me know. When is the wedding? hopefully before it’s too terribly hot!

      And you can TOTALLY do a quilt. A “real” quilt that is. I have some good ideas to get you started….hmmm, maybe that’ll be a blog post later!

  4. Love the quilt by Elena. Wow!

  5. Just stumbled across your web site…had no idea you also sold fabric! That is awesome! Beautiful quilt and, for the lyrics at the end of your post, is that “Reflex” by Duran Duran? As a child of the 80’s, I know I know those lyrics, so now I’m headed to the shelves looking for the CD. I have to know! ;-)

  6. That is beautiful. I made my 1st quilt 1.5 yrs ago for my mother & have yet to do the binding!

  7. you’ve spelled colour correctly, at least in my book, LOL. anyway I love this quilt, it is a beauty!

  8. I love both quilts! I sometimes use song titles for my posts, but, my blog audience does not listen to Nine Inch Nails and such.

  9. I love both quilts! I sometimes use song titles for my posts, but, my blog audience does not listen to Nine Inch Nails and such.

  10. I love this quilt!! It’s absolutely adorable!!!

    I found you on SITS =o)

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