Apr 252011

I have been thinking about making a press page.  But I have to tell you, it’s hard for me to do. It’s the “look at me” bit that makes me uncomfortable.  But, I think the time has come for me to get over my fear and start sharing some of these accomplishments.  So I figure a press page is kinda like the artwork or spelling test that makes it on the refrigerator.

I’ve been asked to speak at a few local groups, as well as the recent handmade blogging conference, Creative Estates.  I’ve taught a couple workshops and have  also contributed to the ezine put out by the LizzieB Creative team.  And most recently, I  was asked to help judge a contest for Fat Quarterly.  In order to add to my credibility, these things should have a place on my website. Right?

Do you have a press page for your business?  I’ll let you know when I get mine up and running!  And I’ll try to make time to blog about the above items as well!  SO much to tell you about – so little time!

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  1. No and I really need to. There is actually SO much that I need to do. I think you’ve inspired me to schedule a little time each day to work on my site/blog – thank you!

  2. I used to feel that way too, but it’s really not at all like showing off. In fact, if you look at it that way there is the danger of coming off as boasting. It’s more about references, about showing people interested in a professional relationship with you that you are a viable business already respected in the community. It Shows buyers and media that you’ve already been talked about and may entice others to want to join that loop!

    If it helps, remove yourself from the equation altogether and pretend you’re just an employee promoting the company you work for. :)

    • Yes, I know you’re right. This whole business is tied so closely to me that it is definitely hard to take the personal feeling out of it. I think that’s why it feels like bragging/boasting to me. But that’s what I need to get over and approach it in a professional way to add to the credibility of my business! Thanks, Natalie!

  3. Go ahead and be proud!

  4. I don’t think a press page is so much a place for bragging rights as it is for a “getting to know you through your works” opportunity. Maybe instead of calling it a Press Page you could call it “What I’m Up To” or something that isn’t so showy, but still shares great info.

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