Sep 072010

Hope your Labor Day weekend was grand!  My hubby had to work at his second job, so we just stayed around here.  Did a tiny bit of housework (quickly to be ruined) and I managed to watch a couple movies, sew a few things and so forth.  It was relaxing.

Anyway, in an effort to balance the scales a little, I’ve added a couple boy kits to the store!  Alright, who am I kidding?!?!?  This won’t come close to balance, but it at least puts some weight on the boy side, which was previously empty!

Festive Vests pattern with Pure Argyle print

Spiro Blaster Boxer with the Louey Boxer pattern

Both Kits have multiple fabric options and can be found here.  (Along with some dang cute girl kits.) 😉

I’ve also added 15 new Fat Quarter Bundles.  I made 2 of each set – and once they’re gone, they’re gone.  There are some great combinations – if I do say so myself!

Find all Fat Quarter Bundles (including new lines) here!

I have some info for Tucson people that I’ll try to get posted later on today or tomorrow!  For everyone else, I’ll see you back again soon with a new pattern review!  Yay!

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  1. love the vests and boxer kits!


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