Nov 302010

I’ve had Jona’s patterns in the store since they first came out, and while I intended to sew up some samples for a show back in September, it just didn’t happen.  (You can relate right? I’m not the only one that over extends myself, am I?!?!?)  Anyway, I’m actually glad that there was the delay – because Jennifer’s line, Queen Street, is just SO perfect.

I made the Edith Twirl Skirt.  Haley LOVES it – she feels like a queen -or maybe that should be a princess! 😉  It is all about  ‘girly’ and ‘twirly’ – which are two things my girl loves!

The pattern itself goes together quickly – it’s a one day project, which I also love!  I didn’t need to make any changes to the pattern.  Next time, I think I’ll used a print for the underskirt instead of a solid.  And while we used all pink for this skirt, I do think more high contrast fabric options would also be fun.  We used Dolin for the main print, Maeve for the hem band and Jodi for the underskirt ruffle.

All of Jona’s patterns are here.  And Jennifer’s Queen street is here.

Tomorrow is the day to draw the $100, $50 and $25 gift certificate!!!!  Have you entered?

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  1. Cute skirt :)


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