Apr 112011

Hi everyone and welcome to the official start of our Spring Quilt-Along!  We will begin by gathering our supplies, arranging our charm squares and cutting the sashing.  If you need a copy of the supply list, please click here.

Fabric Cutting:
Ok, first let’s cut the sashing.  I am using Basic Grey Citronella Grunge.

The sashing will be cut into 6 strips measuring 2.5” times the WOF (width of fabric).

Once you have your six strips, subcut one of the strips into two lengths of 14”.  Subcut another three strips into lengths of 29.5”.  Subcut the last two into lengths of 33.5”.

You should now have the following sashing pieces:
2 strips 2.5” x 14”
3 strips 2.5” x 29.5”
2 strips 2.5” x 33.5”

Now let’s tackle the border fabric.  I am using Heather Bailey Swirly Buds.  Cut four strips 5” wide times the WOF.  Subcut two of them into 33.5” lengths and two of them into 42.5” lengths.

You should now have the following border pieces:
2 strips 5” x 33.5”
2 strips 5” x 42.5”

Finally, we’ll go ahead and cut the binding fabric.  I used the recommended 2.5” wide binding because that’s what I always use for quilts.  Cut 5 binding strips measuring 2.5” times the WOF.

This is a good place to stop for the moment until our next installment.  However, if you’re like me and want to get your hands on the fun fabric, go ahead and start on the next step.

Arranging Charm Squares:
Ok, next comes the fun part!  Find a space to tryout your charm square layouts.  I always use my foyer floor for things like this.  You will arrange 4 groups of nine blocks each like this:

When trying out arrangements, I think that taking digital pictures and looking at them on the screen helps you see things you wouldn’t normally see, like two dark reds too close together, etc.
Once you are happy, stack up your rows in an order you’ll remember or use sticky notes to remind you that you stacked them from left to right, etc.

In the next installment of the Quilt-Along, we will begin sewing the charm squares together to form the four blocks.

Thanks for joining us and don’t forget to share your progress over at the Flickr Group!


Changing to a layer cake or adding extra charm squares?

Layer Cake Sashing: 1 1/3 yard fabric
10 WOF strips each 5” wide.

2 lengths of 29”
3 lengths of 62” (join together two strips, then cut to 62 inches)
2 lengths of 71

Layer Cake Border: 2 1/4 yard fabric

Cut options:

Length of Fabric Option:
LOF (**not WOF**) into (4) 10” LOF strips.

Subcut two of the LOF strips into 70.5” lengths and tack leftover onto other two LOF strips.

OR WOF Option:

Cut outer border into 8 WOF strips each 10” wide.
Join pairs of strips to make the border strips.

Extra Charms:

For Sashing Strips
6 strips that measure 2.5 x 14
4 strips that measure 2.5 x 45.25 (You will need to join strips and subcut)
2 strips that measure 2.5 by 49.25 (join strips and subcut)

For Border Strips:
2 strips 5 x 49.25
2 strips 5 x 58.25

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  1. for extra charms, are the sashing & border measurements for 1 more pack, making it 9 blocks of charms instead of 4?


  2. Hi,This looks greast! When will you continu? Still waiting for some fabric to arrive. Or I’ll have to go to the local craft shop and hope for the best 😉 Cheers!


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