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The Free Spirit area was one I found myself in over and over. I just couldn’t get enough of the booths. Heather Bailey won the award for Best Double booth. It was totally totally awesome.

Ahhhh - Heather Bailey

Her new line (I believe due out around January) is called Nicey Jane. She explained that when she was creating it she imagined a sweet girl going on a date to a dance. The story reminded me slightly of her own romantic story with her husband. She also has a number of new patterns coming out as well. Of course, the turtle she had revieled on her blog before quilt market. The other patterns are fantastic too!

new patterns on the way

Another Free Spirit desinger that had her own booth was Anna Maria Horner. I don’t know if I’ll ever want to sew with anything else ever again after fondling the voile. Little Folks is the name of the collection and there is also a Folksy Flannel collection being released as well. I have not carried flannel in my store – but after seeing her flannel paired with voile baby blankets, I’m considering it! (Let me know if you’re looking for and buying cool flannel often!!!)

Wonderful booth as always

Anna had samples of projects from her book that is yet to be released. After seeing some of the projects know that it is going to be exceptional.

One of the book projects

I also ordered Tanya Whelan‘s newest line Dolce. It really is very sweet and I’m excited to add Tanya as a designer I carry!


Jenean Morrison was there with her line California Dreamin’. She was so sweet. It was fun to see her excitement about a dress she had made for herself. And she clearly loves medallions because the new line has several variations of them!

Super fun photo frame

That’ll have to do for tonight. Be back again soon with more quilt market fun!

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  1. Love Nicey Jane too…and yes, Heather’s booth looks gorgeous from all the pics I saw – someone said she even had REAL grass?! Amazing! Can’t wait to see Anna Maria Horner’s new stuff – I’m not even sure I really know what voile is! LOL I do use flannel quite often, mostly for burp cloths, bibs, baby blocks, baby blankets, stuff like that…I ordered a lot of it in Ginger Blossom a while back, but have pretty much gone through it. Curious to see what she has. And YES, Tanya’s new line is SO pretty…I love the greys…so soothing and sweet. I have lots of Darla on my shelves too…love Tanya’s stuff!! So glad you’ll be adding her to your list of designers!!


  2. Oh – and the turtle – I just want a whole herd of them…though I’m not sure I want to have to sew them myself! LOL


  3. yay! i’m so excited about AMH stuff!! and HB’s turtles are so cute too :)


  4. Wow! What a beautiful blog you have – very inspirational. I particularly love the pretty lampshade


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  6. Is that last photo just framed pieces of awesome fabric? Because I love it and I want bright cheery fabric like that displayed all over my house. What a fantastic idea!


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