Oct 162009

I’m very close to wrapping up the Quilt Market recap. (Until next year!) I wanted to show you some wonderful new patterns that will be in the shop. And the last quilt market post, but certainly not least, will be What’s Coming AND  super fab giveaways. You’ll want to check back for that. I promise!

First up – Pink Fig! We’re a fan of Pink Fig patterns. Chelsea’s patterns are designed to make you fall in love with sewing!

And how can you not fall in love with the Julie Top. Or the Nie Nie skirt?

Pink Fig

And of course, there are the ever so fabulous ModKid patterns. Patty has a sense of not only what looks fashionable (does saying that make me sound old?) but also what kids will actually wear!

The wonderful Kyoko

And I’m happy to have added patterns from Sweetwater to my site.   (Just tonight!)

I currently only have one of each….but I’ve ordered more. I’m not sure exactly when they’ll arrive – it might not be until the fabric is released. *sigh* I’m loving them all.  And I’m loving the prices too!!!!

There is another new pattern company that I fell in love with. Izzy & Ivy Designs. This was their first time at market – and let me tell you, these ladies have been busy!

When their patterns arrive, I’ll be sure to let you know!!!

This weekend I’ll be sewing some patterns for my boys from Hot Scott. Another new company – but all BOY patterns! I should have them in store before too long.


Whew – I think that is all I’ll go over for now. There are other patterns on the way (from the likes of Sandi Henderson, Paula Prass, Art Gallery, etc.) – but I feel like I’ve taken too much time as it is.     :-)   


Most of the patterns are available right now.  So run (I mean click) over to the shop and check them all out….and buy a few.     😉       

  6 Responses to “Quilt Market – Patterns (Part 4)”

  1. I’m in love with those buckets and the boys cothing. I’m so going to have to pick up those patterns!


  2. gosh — that boy stuff looks SUPER cute. Too bad I don’t sew anymore. Did they have all this cute stuff when we were in 4-H? Probably…I just wasn’t fashionable back in the day (that should not imply that I am now! :) )


  3. ooohhhhh….. cute stuff! I want to make those buckets!
    um ‘super fab giveaways’ I am SO excited!
    I have my fingers crossed! :)-


  4. SEW many cute patterns…LOVE the buckets!


  5. I like the “make life…” buckets. What are the material requirements?


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