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Today Rachelle joins us for a review of the Mackenzie Skirt from Noodles & Milk.  I think this a great pattern for everyone!  Not too fussy for beginners and fast for more experienced sewists.  I know that my daughter would also wear a skirt daily….or actually 3 or 4 per day 😉  & this way I can make up several with 1/2 yard cuts.  Fast! Fun! Fabulous!  Let’s see what Rachelle has to say!


I was so excited about this pattern out because my little girls LOVES skirts and these are very easy to make!  (Even a beginner CAN make these!) She would wear a skirt every where if she could. We have had to say no a couple times, like when we are going on a hike or to gymnastics, but otherwise a skirt and a Tshirt is her uniform.

When I am sewing I like to mass produce things. I either make one for now and one for later or one for us and one for a friend. It just makes sense to get a few done while you are going through each step- so I decided to do a skirt for this year and a skirt for next year.

I used Limeade Chain flower with Pumpkin Paper Snowflake for one skirt and  Blush Peony Plaid with Geranium Ta Dot for next year’s skirt!

I snapped this picture right after I had cut my fabric out with plans to take pictures through out the process, but I had my sewing groove going on and before I knew it I was sewing the elastic band closed. But the pattern has great photos in it so there is no need for mine any way! I’d say it took about 45 minutes for me to get these 2 done. Quick and easy!

How is the Mackenzie Mini skirt different from any other skirt tutorial?

1. The skirt is very full and looks absolutely adorable (especially with boots. 😉 )

1. The instructions are very clear, and it has clarifying directions for beginners. It teaches you as you go why each step is there and some tricks and tips that a beginner might not know. The pattern’s “Beginner Tips” eloquently explain things.
2. You don’t have to worry about a cutting out a paper pattern. The only pieces you need are rectangles and so it just tell you the dimensions with a diagram. All you need is your fabric and measure + rotary cutter.
3. I really like the look of the top stitching along the waistband where the ruffle attaches. It makes for such a cute and finished look!

I love that it is in an ebook format because I could just have it on my iPhone right next to me open in the Books app (free) Then I didn’t have to print any thing or run back and forth from the computer.

**Changes I made**

In gathering the skirt- the pattern calls for you to baste around the entire top of the skirt and then put a pin on the each half so you can gather evenly. This is a good beginner method- but my personal preference is to baste halfway around, and then baste the other half- It just makes it more manageable when there is so much fabric to be gathered. Just a personal preference.

One other change was that I used a rolled hem on the bottom, because I heart my serger and I love how the rolled hem looks.

Here is my finished products!! Aren’t they adorable!


Thank you, Rachelle!  I love the skirts!  And your daughter is just too cute – love the boots too!

Noodles & Milk patterns are on sale for a few more days! (aka the rest of April)

Find them all here!

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