Feb 102010

Rocks.  That’s what we asked for at Christmas, rocks and grass – and that is what we got.  We really wanted to finish our backyard…we just haven’t had the money to do it.  So our awesome parents helped us out.

place for firepit

Saturday was my husband’s first day off in over 35 days (I think it was day 38 or something like that). I really hate that he has to work two jobs. But I love him SO much for stepping up and taking on the extra job to help take care of his family. Anyway…so on his first day off in over a month, he got to move 8 ton of rock. Let me say that again…..he moved SIXTEEN THOUSAND pounds of rock from a pile in our driveway to the back yard, one wheelbarrow load at a time. So I guess he didn’t really get a day off after all.   ;-)    Oh and I should add that my brother-in-law is always here to help with projects like this!  I feed him awesome food.  So that makes it pretty much even.   :D

We also have the grass to install. It’s fake grass. And I’m really really excited about it. I found all sorts of information that I think may interest you…another day. It’s going to save tons of water!  Hopefully in a couple weeks we will have the mulch to go under the playground and then our back yard will be D-O-N-E !

Speaking of water….these were another Christmas gift.

kids cups

Totally awesome! And I got rid of every single kid’s cup but these. Yep – they only have one mug with their name on it. I was beyond sick of cleaning up 18 cups each day from all over the house. And hearing “I can’t find my cup” or “I don’t know which one is mine.” No more. It’s awesome. One cup for each kid. It’s also saving a ton of water. :-)

Apparently I’m all about water conservation today.  Funny because in that last week we’ve received more rain than we sometimes do for the year.  Or something like that.  I’m not a meteorologist, people.

Talk again soon.   :-)

  12 Responses to “Rocks and Water”

  1. Those are really cute cups! We go through little kiddie cups like crazy here – it’s ridiculous!

    • I was soooooo tired of it. One day shortly after I got rid of all the cups, one child asked “Mom, are we gonna only have one bowl too?” Hmmm – they might be onto something there. :-)

  2. Looks great and I love the cups :D!

  3. I’m all about saving water. That’s why the boys only have one water cup and I don’t take showers very often.

    So glad the yard is done! It looks so good. There is one yard in our neighborhood that looks native – I notice it everytime we go by. It makes so much more sense than trying to have a green patch of grass (laden with weed killing chemicals) where it’s unnatural. And yes, we live with a yard like that. It’s one of those things that I let the hubby decide on.

    • We had to rethink our landscape desires when we moved to AZ. Now we have all native plants and I really actually like it. of course, once the plants fill in, it’ll be more awesome…but we had to start somewhere. :-)

  4. This is the first outside picture I’ve seen today that wasn’t of snow! Now I don’t feel so guilty about living in Hawaii!

    • Oh, you’re lucky!!!!! Well check back on my blog tomorrow b/c they are saying we’ll get snow here in Tucson! So if we do, you can be sure I’ll take pictures of it. :-) We actually get snow here at our house once or twice a year…not that much accumulates or lasts long, but it does happen!

  5. That looks great! And so perfect for Arizona, or any dry climate. I have seen the fake grass that’s available these days, and it really fools the eye. Save that water for drinking!

  6. And again I am amazed at your husband’s work ethics. 38 days and then working so hard at home. You’re a lucky, water-conserving girl!

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