Nov 232010

Patty’s new Sanctuary fabric will be here soon!!!!

This is another great photo from our session with Michelle.  I made the Oliver + S 2+2 Blouse pattern with Patty’s Aromatherapy with Zen Garden (in Pear) for the details.  I really really love this shirt.  I made sure to read through all the directions (twice) so that I understood each step…and let me tell you, Liesl’s finishing methods are so simple.  No bulky extra pieces to worry about.  And it turns out so professional!  I look forward to making more for Haley.

For the skirt, I wanted to make the adorable pleated skirt that is included with the shirt pattern – but I just ran out of time.  So instead, I made a yoga waistband skirt with the turquoise corduroy.  These comfy skirts are SO simple, I know Haley will get many many more!

I simply can’t wait to sew with the new knits too!  So much fun! Find Patty’s line here!

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  1. I Love Your Website!!! You have such beautiful fabrics. I am so excited about all the the new fabrics coming soon. I would love to have ANY of them, especially Parisville, Sunkissed, Central Park, Monaco….and the list goes on and on. I am addicted to fabric and love it all!


    Melanie Reply:

    Thanks, Laura! I’m super excited about the fabrics coming too – and many of the new ones that are here. and let’s be honest, I still love all the old ones too. :-) you’re in good company!


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