Aug 162011

My youngest started kindergarten. (Wow! When I typed that it feels way different. Like I’m officially admitting it for the first time.)

So now all three are in school.

All three.

All day.

The first day they woke up and got ready so quickly. They were so speedy, in fact, that we had time to run walk to the bus stop! (I had to tell them to stop running so I could take this picture!)

I made these for breakfast that morning.

(Which I realize is on my old blog. No point subscribing to it. I don’t blog there any more. Maybe I need to get a recipe page on this blog.  Fabric and food.  The important parts of life. One must nurture their creativity and nourish they body, no? Anyway, I digress….)

The cinnamon rolls were great for a special breakfast.

And everyone made it home safely! Yes, on the bus. I offered to pick up the boy at school but he insisted that he ride the bus.  After all, it’s what he has seen his brother do for as long as he can remember. It was now finally his turn!

I’m ready for this part of my life.  School aged kids. :D

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  1. Cute kids! And yummy looking cinnamon rolls – send some this way!!

  2. Did you get individual pictures of them for their first day?

  3. How cute! Mine all don’t start until the 31st but this will be the first time I will be alone all day ..without a single kid SEVEN years! I can’t wait to be able to get things done without having to break up fights or nagging all day long! I am also looking forward to working on my girls school wardrobes throughout the year too! :) As for the cinnamon rolls, OMG, I am SO making those for my family! Thank you for sharing!

  4. thanks for sharing such terrific pictures!

  5. Hi, I just placed my first order with Above All Fabric! I’m so excited to get started sewing… I have three kids as well and my youngest will be heading to all day kindergarten in a couple weeks too! I’m so excited to have time to myself for the first time in over 10 years… I too am ready for this part of my life! There will be no tears when I drop my youngest off at school:)!

  6. Isn’t it lovely, sending them out the door?! I’m not quite at your stage yet as I still have toddlers at home.

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