Mar 112009

Remember how I told you I was going to do March of the Tools with Heather Bailey?  Thinking it over for about 10 seconds, I decided that my favorite basic tool is scissors….Does that make me pathetic? Here are few pair of mine for you to see!

I won my first pair of Ghinger‘s in a 4-H sewing something-a-rather ( I don’t remember exactly what the contest was – if it was county fair, state fair, some other random thing – sorry…but I do remember my mom was WAY excited – and I was like ‘Okay…they are scissors.’  Little did I know….little did I know )  Ghinger’s are on the little bit pricey side as far a scissors go…but I’ve tried the less expensive versions here and there, and well, all I can say is, spend the money – it’s worth it.

The last pair of scissors (or are they the first pair?  hmm…in any case, the ones that aren’t sewing scissors) are my Cutco kitchen scissors.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE kitchen scissors.  I use them all the time.  I honestly don’t understand how anyone manages in a kitchen without a good pair of scissors.  I use them to cut fruits, veggies, herbs, pizza, meat, boxes etc etc etc.  We inherited our Cutco scissors.  Cutco is awesome cutlery!  We’ve bought a few additional pieces since inheriting the first set.  *Ahem* Yes, it’s bit pricey too (do we see a pattern here?) but SOOOOO worth it.  In my opinion, it’s worth holding out until you can afford the nice stuff.  True for many aspects of my life….

I think I’m going to combine my scissor post with a little bit of photoshop too – because it’s my blog and I felt like playing a bit.  ;-)

Sephia with sun fading


(I think i’ll start posting all my photos this way…isn’t it fun?)

I have no idea, I was just applying a bunch of photoshop effects.

I doubt I could duplicate it if I had to…

Thanks for playing with me….see you later!

  7 Responses to “Scissors”

  1. So did you get photoshop? Did you download the update?

    • I’m not gonna download the update. I’ll just buy the new version. Then I can put in on any future computers. This is just with my old elements version I already have.

  2. Oh, yes, I love the Ginghers. Not too pricey with a 50% off JoAnns coupon!

  3. Who knew even scissors themselves could be so artistic!

  4. So happy to see you having fun with scissors. Now, don’t run with them!

  5. See, I have to disagree…

    Unfortunately, my favorite tool is a fork.


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