May 282010

sewing party

It’s like a play date for grown-ups! Take some time to work on a project with a bunch of super awesome fun women in the Tucson area! Email me for directions!

Does it cost? Nope! Just bring yourself, your sewing machine and your project! If you want to bring some wonderfully delicious food to share with others for lunch or a snack, feel free! But it’s not required at all. The point is just to get together with others that share your interest. We have a great time!

Am I forgetting something? Post any other questions and I’ll try to answer them here! Can’t wait! See you soon!

  14 Responses to “Sewing Party!”

  1. Wish I lived near by! Have fun on your sewing party!

  2. NO! NO! I want to come! Wish I lived closer! Well, if you have time during Quilt Market, we can have a sewing party at my house!

  3. Melanie- can you do this again and give me time to book a flight? I’d LOVE to come sew with you!!

  4. I finally made it over to your blog from google reader!! It looks great. Are you going to change your shop over to this look?
    Well I will see you in 2 saturdays!!

  5. woo hoo!!!! I will see you there! :)

  6. Your blog looks GORGEOUS! And I am disgustingly jealous of every single person that gets to attend this event. It sounds like a great time in the company of great women! Jealous. Jealous. JEALOUS.

    K. Now I am going to go cry myself to sleep! ;)

  7. Man…I so wish I lived near ya!!! This would be sew fun! I’ve done a couple sewing parties at my house too, and we have such a great time. I should plan one again soon, now that I’m back on my feet… Anyway – have FUN!!!

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