Dec 172008

Don’t ever tell my husband. Seriously – if anyone leaks this to him, I might have to….well, let’s just say it wouldn’t be pretty. You see – he has these dreams of moving back north.  Me?  Well, I’ll be content wherever our family is located, but I don’t miss the bitterness of the cold, the snow, the ice, the wind (OH how I hate the wind!) the scraping of windshields, the snow tires, did I mention the wind?  What I do miss are the clothes.  Oh, how I love cold weather clothes!

From Lands End

I have one sweater remaining in my closet – sad isn’t it?  Spending money on cold weather items just doesn’t make sense.  Plus I figure that if we do move to a cold location in the future, everything I had would be outdated and I’ll need to start over.  Anyway – it looks like tomorrow might be my day – it’s supposed to be cold and rainy – maybe even some snow.  And just so you know, I’m sure I’ll be inside – keeping nice and warm  😉

PS I’ll be sharing more creations probably tomorrow.  Stay nice and warm, dry and cozy wherever you are!  :-)

  2 Responses to “Sometimes I wish for cold”

  1. Good for you posting everyday! :o)

    I don’t miss the wind either. I used to walk all over with my head down and I’d get sore neck!


  2. You think I never read your blog?….Your secret is out now!

    (the only question is “how far north are we going to move?)


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