Oct 302009

My week has been….blah.  And I don’t want to complain and whine – so instead, I’ve been silent.  Anyway, now I’m happy it’s Friday!  Since tomorrow is Halloween (also Reformation Day, as a friend pointed out) I thought the kids needed something a little special to wear to school today.

The trio

The idea for the shirt is from Regina of Creative Kismet

My children painted the eyes.  In my house, this is really really huge.  In fact, when my oldest son was in preschool and it was time to do an art project with paint – he refused.  His reason: “My mom doesn’t let me paint.”  And he is right.  I can barely handle crayons – so paint is something my children don’t see – like ever.  And yes, I have a huge amount of guilt over it because I feel I need to foster their creative sides.  So -anyway, I got out my paint and let them do the work.   And paint is not covering our entire house – only our downstairs bathroom sink and toilet.  *sigh*

Now this is important

You have to take note of the sword Taylor has down the back of his shirt.  And the juice box.  He’s such a funny boy. 

Sword √
Juice √
Eye in the back √


We tried to make Haley’s hair black this morning – it didn’t work so well.  But I still think she looks darn cute in her spooky spider dress.  

All for now.  I really do have great plans for some blog posts….if I can just find the time!




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  8 Responses to “Spooky”

  1. They all look adorable!


  2. I remember watching Regina make these on Martha, they’re too cute! The video might actually be available on the website.


  3. They all look so cute. The striped tights are a nice touch!!


  4. That dress is so fun and the tights are the perfect touch! I’m sure the boys loved their shirts! I’m the same way with paint. I’ve only done it once and I hovered the whole time. Just too much mess potential!


  5. Outfits turned out cute! Know the kids enjoyed having something special to wear today :)


  6. LOVE the outfits! The kids look great! I am amazed you let them paint! Do you have a fever or something? :)


  7. LOVE the dress! Is the spider fabric from your store?


    Melanie Reply:

    Thank you! That spider fabric is not in my store. :-( When I was in Iowa this summer I picked it up. It was actually at Fons & Porter.



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