Mar 152009

Spring is the best.  Isn’t it?  Everything starting to brighten up – the weather – the plants – our spirits.  These place mats will brighten your eating area too!

And I’ve made little min-kits so you can make your own set!

Each has the fabric you need to make 6 place mats – all unique.  And simple instructions are included too.  You’ll just need some natural batting and thread.  You can find them here.

Actually all kits are on sale right now!  I adore Craft Apple’s patterns – so I made the mini patchfolios and the little artist drawing case into kits for you!  They are on sale too!  :-)  They include the fabric, batting, interfacing, ribbon (in artist case) and for now, I’m even including the notebook (or notebook/crayons) with the kit.  You’ll need the pattern (found here) and thread and some cardboard from a cereal box and off you go a sewing.

And now I must say goodbye and tend to company.  Enjoy Spring!

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