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I’m so excited about the response that the quilt-along is getting! We start April 11th! At 7am sharp! (Not really at 7….but really on the 11th!)

A few things that others have asked…and thought you might ask them too.  Will add more as more questions are asked :)

What is a quilt-along?

It’s like sewing with all your friends….only virtual! That means it can be done at 7am, or 11:30pm! It’s on your schedule. :-)

We have broken the process down into very manageable steps. There will be a blog post showing you how to do each specific step and they will each be spaced a couple days apart. After talking to non-quilters that are thinking about quilting, the whole thought of going from a pile of fabric to a quilt seems very overwhelming – this will help alleviate your pain. Simply do each step as we do it, and you’ll end up with a finished quilt!

I’ve never made a quilt. Can I handle it?

YES! As I said, we will break down the steps for you! Go one step at a time. Don’t worry about what comes next…..we have got you covered! I specifically chose this quilt as the very first quilt along because it is great for someone that has never quilted before! You will learn the basic quilting terms along the way….and the size isn’t SO overwhelming! PLUS it’s a FREE pattern!!!!

(I want to make the top but I’m not sure I want to quilt it.) (That is fine too! If you’re not feeling ready to do your own quilting then I am working on a list of places that will finish it for you.)

Do I have to use those exact fabrics?

Nope!!! You can use whatever you want! And get this, even though the pattern calls for a charm pack, you don’t have to use one. If you choose, you can cut your own 5 inch squares from fat quarters…or even yardage. I will say, however, that IF you have never done a quilt before AND are feeling overwhelmed at the thought, I would recommend sticking with pre-cuts. It’s just way way easier that way!

Do you have kits?

Well thanks for asking! I’ve had so much fun putting together inspirational ideas, I’ve decided to make a few of them available as kits! I’d also suggest you browse the pre-cut section. (Fat quarters, layers, charms….they could all work for the patchwork part of the quilt!) And if you need help pulling matching fabrics for the other part, PLEASE let me know! I happily help!

I want to be clear – you do not have to buy a kit to participate.  But it’s there is you want it!

Don’t forget the button!

Please feel free to grab this and put it on your blog if you want!

(here is the code for you to copy and paste…. )

<p><a  href="http://www.aboveallfabric.com/blog/?page_id=4542"><img  title="Above All Fabric Spring Quilt Along"  src="http://www.aboveallfabric.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/spring-quilt-along-9.jpg"  alt="" width="200" height="200" /></a></p>

Ideas for fabric options here!

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