Jun 262011

Leading up to Spring Quilt Market, Jana from Izzy and Ivy hinted at something really great they were revealing at market….and they did not disappoint!  It’s Sprinkles!  (Find them here)

They are woven labels and size tags!!!  There’s just something about a woven label taking homemade to handmade.  How many times have you made something really sweet, only to forget later what size you made? And they  added care instructions to the labels!  :o

One package has 11 size labels, you get 2 of each size for a total of 22.  The  sizes are 6mo, 9mo, 12mo, 18mo, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. (And if you needed, you could swap the 6 around for a 9 easily! Just sayin’)  There are also 4 different “handmade” labels, in different sizes, you get 8 of those and last but certainly not least you get 1 Izzy label! That’s 31 damask woven labels! The woven means they won’t fade, shrink or bleed.  And best of all, they come packaged in a super sweet cupcake container, perfect for giving or if you are like us, just looking really cute in your studio.  And for less than ten bucks!

Yep, the whole package is only $9.95! Typically these will be 99 cents to ship (in the US) but for the rest of June, if you enter the code SPRINKLES (yes, all caps) it will take 99 cents off your order so that it essentially ships for free (or discounted worldwide).  This is only good the rest of June!

Find Sprinkles here!

Annnnnnnnd…..giveaways are few and far between on my blog – but I’m so excited about these I’m going to give one away! Just leave a comment….you know, stating your unwavering love for me or something. 😉  Everyone is welcomed to enter cuz I love everyone like that.  I’ll draw the winner around July 1st.  Or you could just go ahead and buy some too. 😀  (They are here!)

I’ve already started using mine.  I added a size and care label to my Family Reunion Dress (which you still have time to make for a chance at the gift certificate!).  Hopefully I’ll have a chance for a little photo shoot this week to share pictures with you…and at the same time photograph the 1001 Peeps gypsy dress as well July’s kit.  So much to do….gotta scram!  See you again soon. 😀

  31 Responses to “Sprinkles”

  1. What a cute idea! I know what you mean about not remembering what size you made – it’s so annoying!! So this is a great idea!! Thanks for the chance to win some….

  2. GREAT! Love the design, the packaging and the giveaway! Thanks for the oppotunity!

  3. I saw these on their blog and love them! They are so cute and a great idea!

  4. Love the labels, I have been wanting to get SOME KIND of labels for the items I sew, this is a great selection! Thanks for the give away!

  5. These are too cute! I’ve got 4 dresses I’m currently working on that these would be great in. I always forget the size I make stuff in.

  6. That is the cutest packaging I think I ever did see. I have been thinking lately that I really need to add labels to my things, but I don’t even know where to start. I would love to try these out!

  7. I LOVE those! I’ve been looking for something that isn’t my brand label to sew into the stuff I make my daughter. These would be perfect! Pick me! Pick me! Lucky number 7!

  8. What a great time to decide on a giveaway! These would be perfect for all the sewing I do for my granddaughter!

  9. Heck- I was going to say “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways”, but despite your plea, that seems to be not the way these comments are going!
    Very cute idea-I sew for 4 grandkids-this would be perfect!

  10. These are so cute! With my girls being so close in size it is really hard to tell whose clothing is whose sometimes and these would be a great help! You know I love you and I have told you so a few times now! LOL You run a fabulous shop and always have such great sales and super products! Thank you for the opportunity to win these great tags!

  11. These sound like they’d be so much fun to add to special handmade items!

  12. Thanks for letting me know about the giveaway! FAB stuff from YOU as ALWAYS. because you know, I love you like that.

  13. Fantastic, these sound perfect! I craft for friends and family and have looked into custom labels but you get just tooo many. But i would love to add labels especially sizes for that ‘professional’ touch!!

  14. Such a cute idea! And I love the brightness of the tags.

  15. oh they look so very cute and since my blog name is liberal sprinkles, i just have to enter! thanks for the chance to win these!

  16. I would love to win these — SO cute!!!

  17. I love these labels..what a great idea. I am another one who has trouble remembering what size I made so I could really use size labels. Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. I’m not surprised these sold out so fast! Such a great idea, especially for gifts! So cute!

  19. LOVE how cute they are! I’ve never used labels before so this would be a first for me….it would be so nice to know what size clothing I had made!! Thank you for the opportunity!

  20. i would LOVE to have these for my sewing students! they’re always making super ghetto tags for their creations :)

  21. How great are these! I need to tag my creations more and these are the best! Susan

  22. Cute labels and very fun packaging. Thanks for a chance to win some.

  23. What a great idea! They are super cute, too!

  24. What cute little labels! I love them!

  25. Adorable! Thanks for the chance to win!

  26. Those are super cute! Thanks for sharing. I’m definitely going to have to bookmark these for later. :)

  27. These are adorable!! Fun giveaway!

  28. Love these and you are pretty amazing yourself!

  29. in a cupcake container?!?!? oh my goodness- could this BE any cuter? and practical, to boot! Thanks for sharing.

  30. You totally know my love is unwavering. =) SUPER cute labels. Im excited for you to get them back in stock!! xoxo

    Melanie Reply:

    they’re back in stock, silly. :-)