Feb 282011

Sugar & Spice from Riley Blake will arrive soon.  I am loving this fabric.  I have so many ideas swirling around in my head for ways to use it….and I’m trying to be better in planning out those ideas so we can all benefit. :-)

Red Colorway of Sugar & Spice

With this collection, Riley Blake is also releasing some Laminated fabrics. SO – I thought we’d look at some ideas for laminated fabric. Laminates are coated with plastic.  I have heard that these are so supple.  They will be great for rain coats.

Little Splashes by Amy Butle

Amy Butler has a couple patterns- one for kids one for grown ups. :-)  I can see a sweet coat made up for a sugar coated little girl.

Raindrops by Fig Tree & Co.

And then there is this poncho pattern from Fig Tree – G.R.E.A.T for Spring!  And great news, it goes up to a size 10.  I also love it because it is simple! You can conquer your fear of laminates with this one!

And at the booth in Phoenix, I saw Liz and Beth’s sample of an umbrella with their laminated fabric.  Brilliant!  You can find the free tutorial here.

Heather Bailey's Jack & Jill Lunch Bag Pattern

Gosh, there really is so much to do with laminates!  I love Heather Bailey’s lunch bag pattern.

Of course, I will also ship the laminated fabric to you, where ever you may be.  I have been told that they can be folded, but I am also prepared with tubes to send them rolled rather than folded if needed.  (Will make that call once I have them here and can see how they handle folds.)

You can sign up to be notified as soon as the Sugar & Spice fabrics arrives.  Find them all here!  And more ideas for the traditional cotton fabrics coming soon.

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  1. I’m interested to hear what you think of the Riley Blake laminates. I recently started working with laminated cotton to make cash envelope system wallets, and I’ve been so surprised by the differences between them! I’ve found the Michael Miller ones the easiest to sew but have really struggled with the Amy Butler ones. I don’t know how else to describe them except to say that they feel tacky. And they love to stick while being sewn. Ugh! However, AB’s are definitely more supple and would drape nicely if used for a raincoat, for example. There’s also a big difference in feel between the regular MM laminated and the premium. Both sew well, though.

    As far as folding vs. roll, I have appreciated receiving them on a roll. However, I will say that the more supple ones can withstand folding more than the stiffer (MM) ones.

    • I used to have michael miller’s laminates….I’m anxious to see how these compare.

      • I’m sure these are probably much thinner and softer. I can’t imagine using the MM laminates for anything that needs to drape, but they sure are great for the wallets. The newer premium ones are different, though–in-between the stiffness of their regular laminates and the softness of Amy Butler.

  2. P.S. I love the new Riley Blake line–red & blue together is so yummy! If it’s not “tacky” feeling, I may have to order some laminate and offer a new pattern combination for my wallets. :)

  3. That line looks gorgeous!

  4. I have been wanting to buy some of your iron on vinyl. How would that compare to a laminate fabric?

  5. Melanie, you’re killing me!!! I am so hooked on this raincoat!!!! And I’m pretty sure that my daughter will have a few dresses in this BEAUTIFUL fabric!

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