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After living here for over a year – the time finally came to complete window coverings in the “formal” living room. I knew I wanted roman shades. But I also wanted this to be quick, easy, and cheap!  So I present to you

Super Easy (and inexpensive) Romans Shades!

Step 1:  Go to Home Depot, Lowes, Target, or wherever they sell window coverings in your area.  Find the Roman Shades that fit your window demensions.  Get the very cheapest ones – mine were on clearance at Home Depot for $5.21 each.  Don’t worry if you don’t like them – they are going to be covered with your choice of fabric….so they will end up super cute and custom looking!

Step 2:  Buy some Heat-n-Bond (the heavy duty stuff) at a craft store or I think they even sell it at Walmart.  Cut strips that are the length of the roman shades and a couple inches wide.  I used 3 strips per shade….one for each edge and one down the middle.  Iron these in place on your shade.  (Yep, I ironed it onto the bamboo – it worked great!)

Roman Shade
iron heat-n-bond in place

Step 3.  Cut your fabric a few inches wider and longer than the roman shade. (I had a center panel and outer edges for my project – but you can keep things simple and use one fabric instead!)  Now you have a choice to make – to sew or not to sew.  I opted to finish my edges by heming the sides and bottom.  You could easily skip this, however, and just wrap the fabric around the corner and edges and secure with more heat and bond on the back side.  Heck, I even think hot glue would work!

Step 4.  Peel off the paper from  your heat-n-bond strips and properly allign your fabric.  Iron the fabric into place following the heat-n-bond instructions.  If you are going to fold the fabric over the edge, be sure to let the shades cool so the heat-n-bond has time to set before flippig it over and finish the backside.

Iron fabric in place

Step 5:  Cover the valance too (if your shade came with one) in the same manner.   I opted to use horizontal strips of Heat-n-Bond and wrapped the fabric up over the board that hangs the shade.

Step 6:  Hang up your new custom Roman Shades!

pulled up

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  1. Fantastic project…i’m heading to Home Depot right now!

  2. That is fantastic. I don’t need any right now but I’ll keep this in mind for when I do.

    • Yes, definately something to think about when the time comes to redo window coverings. I have one other window in the house that I think may need a roman shade….have to run to home depot and see if they have any of these left!

  3. OMG! We have the same shades, and I have been thinking ever since I hung them up that I wanted to cover them, but just couldn’t quite figure out how. THANK YOU!!! They look fantastic.

  4. so…next time you are at my house help me plan… I need covering of some type in the living room. hmmm

  5. as always, my dear, so impressed with you!! :)

  6. You have just solved a dilemma that I have been “agonizing” over for nearly 2 years. (ok agonizing is a bit of a stretch, lets say procrastinating). Thank you, thank you thank you – my family room might get shades for Christmas.

  7. well, I have been agonizing…well maybe just ignoring the fact that I really to get something on our bedroom windows beside the fabric doubled over a suspension rod for the last 4 years.

    wonderful idea and how-to. thanks

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  9. This is awesome! and easy to follow too!!! I would definitely have one of this in my room!

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