Dec 072010

I promised that at some point I would tell you more about the Hippy Chick Skirt that I made.  Since my dear friend harassed me via phone today for not blogging…I suppose today is as good a day as any. ;-)

These are more shots from Michelle.  Super fun, right?  I used fabric from Kate Spain’s Fandango collection. (Oh….by the way, the pre-cuts of Central Park are arriving tomorrow!!!!  CRAZY excited about that!) Back to this skirt – the pattern says that it goes for a size 10 girls to a size 8 in women – but with drop waist style and the strip work skirt, it could really be any size that you want with almost no trouble at all!

Now I did change the pattern a little teeny tiny bit.  First of all, I added a couple little tucks at the waist.  I felt like the drop waist was too poofy. I don’t know how else to describe that.

The second thing I did was to use Sports Elastic which I LOVE.  It’s is SO easy and so so so comfy!  I really honestly think I’ll make this change on everything I make!  No more casings with elastic! This elastic is sewn straight to the the fabric.  You mark the center and quarter points on both your elastic and the fabric, pin in place at those spots and then stretch the elastic in between while you sew so it fits in place.

So there ya go.  My blog for today – a little more info on the few changes that I made.  Hasta mañana! (or maybe that should be luego!)

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  1. Love your interpretation of this skirt. Wonderful.

  2. SO cute! I love it!!

  3. Thanks for the elastic tip. I think I am going to have to try that. It sounds more to my liking!

  4. Very very cute! Good to know that it’s poofy…cause that’s pretty much the last place I need more poof…in my hips and stomach ;)

    • @Dianne: yes, I know what you mean. I’m very conscious about my hips and waist…maybe a little too much so, I’m not sure. But I feel better with the little darts in the waist and I can still get the skirt on and off easily. I would still recommend the skirt. :-)

  5. Love the skirt and thanks for the elastic tip. I think I would like to try that seeing as I do so many casings! Do you have to sew the elastic in a circle first? Before attaching to the pants? I’m just trying to visualize this!

    • @Lori Porten: No – I just pin it in place. I was thinking maybe if I get a video camera that can actually transfer video to my computer, I could do a quick video blog about it! :D

  6. I love this skirt, and having seen it in person, I know just how super cute it is! ;) I’m really intrigued by that sports elastic. I may have to try it because casing drives me crazy!

  7. I knew I had influence on you!!! ;) love the pics….off to buy the boots and I will be visiting VERY soon for my very own pattern!!! …..and then you can show me how you did your skirt!! and you look so SLIM!!!!

  8. That is a super cute skirt! And you look great modelling it! You’ll have to wear those boots the next time you come to Texas. :) Love them!

  9. CUTE SKIRT! I’d love to at least SEE your waistband to see what you mean by the elastic you are using. I make LOTS of skirts for my college girl and maybe this would be the way to go.

  10. […] – my first video for you.    After I mentioned using this elastic in my Hippy Chick skirt, I got a few questions about how to use it.  I thought a video would be better than just more […]

  11. I love the Sports Elastic idea…….I’m going to try it on my next project!

  12. Love it!

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