Jun 272012

So back in February (February!!) I started Swooning. By the time I got done with all 9 blocks, I was worn out and quite frankly, a bit tired of looking at them. Even the motivation of having an amazing quilter waiting for my finished top could not get me moving again. Until last week that is!

After weeks  of carrying the blocks back and forth from the shop, I finally got it sashed and made a back. You would not believe the relief I felt to have the silly thing done. A happy dance was most definitely performed and a beer drank in its honor!

I give you my finished Swoon top ……

Finished Swoon Top by Lola Pink Jen #swoon #lolapink

(Sorry for the less than stellar photo. Was in a rush to get it in the mail and did not get a pic that really does it justice.)

Wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do with the back. Tried a couple of different options but we’ve been selling out of a lot of the prints so my options were limited. So I took the fabric that we had a lot of and just mixed in some of the leftover prints to give it a bit of flair.

Finished Swoon Back made by Lola Pink Jen  #swoon #lolapink

I always learn something with every bit of sewing I do. With this back, I learned the dangers of choosing a backing fabric that was linear in nature. I had to piece it and when I cut the fabric, I did not think about having to keep the linear look across the entire back. Once I got the lines matched up, I lost a good few inches off my finished size. I ended up going back and adding the strips of snow to make it a bit longer and give at least some overhang. I will definitely pay more attention next time when choosing my fabrics!

I packaged this baby up and sent it off to the wonderful and amazingly talented, Lisa Sipes to quilt. So excited to see what she’ll do with it!

And of course, the week I finally get this quilt-along behind me, I just into another … the HexyMF over on Fat Quarterly!! Lord, help me! This quilt scares me but I am determined to conquer it.  More to come soon!


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  1. I love what you’ve done, absolutely gorgeous… When mine is quilted I will show you my finished piece. It too wore me out…


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