Apr 102009

After making the kitchen set for the school auction, I thought to myself

“Wo – man, you need some new kitchen stuff too.”

And so I made myself some new kitchen towels!

Target supplied the organic kitchen towels, I just added the cute fabric along one side.

Super Fast!

Super Fun!

Super Fabulous!

The fabrics are (from front to back):

Aqua Playful Paisley from Farmer’s Market by Sandi Henderson
Navy Deco Rose from Daisy Chain by Amy Butler
Cookies and Cream by Timeless Treasures
Pink Medallion Bloom from Farmer’s Market by Sandi Henderson
Spring Pomegranate Seeds from Farmer’s Market by Sandi Henderson

One may say, if they were speculating such things, that I like Sandi Henderson’s fabric.

I do.  It’s true. 😮

You see the Cookies and Cream fabric?

It’s adorable, don’t you think?

Start thinking of projects to use this Cookies and Cream fabric

Don’t share your ideas quite yet…

Check back soon though for a sweet little contest!

Mar 262009

I do loads of traveling. Every weekend I take off to some exotic location. For real. See – here is proof.

Okay – that is totally not true.  (It’s photoshop – and I’m sure you can tell – but I just want to make sure you know it’s not real!)  I used to travel a lot, and that is true, but since becoming the mom to 3 of the most wonderful children in the world, my traveling bags have turned to diaper bags.  I’ve “settled down” a bit – and I’m actually okay with this whole notion – my kids need me.  (And in my book settled does not mean boring or slow!)

So anyway – I actually do have a trip coming up and I decided months a month ago (I thought it was longer than that – but my friend reminded me it was only a few weeks ago I decided to tackle this project.  Oh well, whatever)  that I would make myself the Weekender Travel Bag for this trip.  I will not relay the conversation that took place between myself and my husband.  He is under the impression I have far too many bags, purses, totes, carrying clutches, etc.  I honestly have no idea why he would think that.  A girl needs bags, right?

Okay  – so back to this bag….I am done!  I used Joel Dewberry Ginseng Fabrics.  The main fabric is the Thyme Spade Damask.  The piping is the Glacier Bloom.  And the handles and inside were cut from the Thyme Tossed Flowers.  It was a difficult bag to make.   Sewing through the 750 layers of Timtex (which was really Flexi Firm since I didn’t have any Timtex (ps have you tried the new stuff yet?)) is what was difficult.  Okay – so it wasn’t really 750 layers – but it was multiple layers and it was really thick -and on the bottom corners, where everything met, I had to hand wheel my machine and I broke a needle once.  I thought getting through the whole thing with only 2 needles was pretty respectable on this project!  I know some people have had trouble finding a 30 inch closed zipper.   I found my metal zipper in the home decorating section  – not with the regular zippers.  It was cheaper too.

Also I have to mention that I had to make new bias strips for the piping.  The second time I cut my bias strips wider than Amy suggested.  I might be a piping idiot – but I was having a heck of a time getting the 1/4 inch piping in there nicely…(I had it pinned like crazy and yes, I was using my zipper foot)….so I cut my strips 3 inches wide and then after I had made the piping (successfully – actually easily) I cut it back to the smaller dimension she recommended.

Changes?  For one, I should have paid attention to the pattern on my fabric.  I’m so mad at myself.  I just cut out the pieces as suggested in the pattern – and so my geometric pattern is not lined up.  I also think I managed to cut the fabric upside down.  Really annoying mistakes and I’m really embarrassed that I made them.  I also wish I had used the glacier bloom fabric (used for the piping) for the handles as well to give it a little more contrast.  And I think that I would actually cut the inside out of a neutral canvas next time rather than a printed pattern.  That way you don’t get lost when looking for your stuff.  ( Also – add a pocket to the inside of the bag.)  I am thinking I’ll make another now that I’ve practiced once….but it won’t get done before my trip!  Then I’ll be able to fix my mistakes and be really really proud of it!

The pattern is well written and I would recommend it – just not for a beginning sewer.  :-)

So where am I going?  To Las Vegas for the International Textile Expo!  I’ll be back next week!

Dec 192008

I got this bright idea today.  I would make something festive to wear tonight (Christmas festivities, you know!).  “I’ll make a cute shirt.”

BAD bad idea.     The bust is like 10 times too big -and that’s saying something – cuz I’m not lacking up there – and then it was like 10 times too small in the waist and hip area – which is really not all that surprising.  So, about one o’clock I gave up, put a frozen pizza in (hmm….shocking I have waist problems when I eat such wonderful meals, eh?) and threw it in the trash.

EEK – I know!  I feel a little bit lot guilty about that.  I really do.  But you see – that fabric has absorbed so much anger and frustration and if I touch it again the same feelings will immediately overwhelm me and therefore ruin any re-purposing project I might attempt.  The good news is that it’s in my sewing trash and not the kitchen trash, so if guilt is still ruling my life tomorrow morning, it may get rescued – only to immediately be cut apart so I don’t have to remember the horrific experience from this morning.  Sorry no pictures of the first disaster – you know, the whole anger ruling over me thing.

Okay – so it’s like 1:30.  You think I would give up on the whole “I should make something to wear tonight” thought.  Would you believe that I am just a little bit stubborn?!?!?  So I start over with a new pattern and new fabric. (And no, I didn’t pre-wash my fabric – I have no time for such formalities at this point.)  I’m nearly finished when my hubby arrives home at 3:45.  I just have to hem the tunic and sew on a button.  I try it on – and then my husband says something genius like “You’re wearing that?  It doesn’t look finished.”  The translation in my head goes more like this.  “Oh my Lord, you look horrible – you fat cow.”  So I rip it off, put on my black sweater (black is slimming, you know) and stomp back downstairs.  *sigh*

Just now I decided to try it on again.  It’s not THAT bad – is it?  Maybe it’s the whole long shirt/dress thing over jeans that really messed up my husband.  (I’m hoping it wasn’t the fat cow thing.)  I am meeting some friends tomorrow for lunch – maybe I’ll wear it then (if I get the hem done – oh yeah, and the tie sash thingy – right now that’s just a strip of fabric.)

The earrings, however, are good no matter what I wear.    They are from my friend ModMoxie.  I think they are wonderful!  Visions of sugar plums dance in my head.   :-)

Dec 032008

We have a room upstairs I call the loft.  It is supposed to be the fun room for reading, playing games, watching movies, etc. etc. etc.  And that is why the Gum Drop pillow was the perfect choice for the loft!    I plan to make one for each of the kids.  They hardly utilize real furniture anyway.  :-)

Honestly, I was terrified of the pattern – although I’m not exactly sure why.  BUT it turned out to be SO easy!  Really – I’m not joking! Haley likes the pink fabric.  It’s from Joel Dewberry’s Ginseng line.  Actually the boys like it too – I need to get 2 more made pronto to minimize fighting.  😉

It just so happens that patterns and home decor fabric are on sale on my website too.  Well isn’t that lucky for you?!?!?

Nov 192008

Every once in a while my hubby manages to get tickets to University of Arizona events.  Last night was one of those nights.  He called mid-afternoon with the news “I have tickets to the basketball game!”  Fantastic – a night out with my husband is just what I needed.  What I also needed was a bag to carry at said event.  I mean good heavens – why would I want to be preparing for the craft show this weekend when I can be making myself bags?  😉

Luckily, I already had the University of Arizona fabric on hand.  Long long ago I had planned on making a bag for such occasions.  It just kept getting pushed to the back of the pile and never got made because other things kept taking priority.  Feeling very motivated, however, I decide to get that bag done in time for the game.  It helped that I had a crafty friend here too!  (And let’s not forget, it also helped me procrastinate preparing for the craft show.  I’m a last minute type of gal!)

Canvas would have been an easy choice for the lining of the bag – and something I had on hand as well – but it seemed a bit boring to me.  This print was the one begging to be used.  So Amy Butler’s Daisy Chain it was!  The next problem came with the closure.  I have magnetic closures on hand – but again…they just were not calling my name, plus I wanted to bring a little of the Amy Butler print to the outside of a bag….so a button was decoupaged with a scrap of the fabric. (not by me – that’s my friend’s handy work)  Perfect!  Now I had a bag to carry to the game. :-)

The game – well it was exciting!  Sadly, the University of Arizona lost by 1 point with .8 seconds left on the clock.  I guess I can’t exactly call my bag a good luck bag.