Sep 252009

I’m so excited to offer you guys a chance to win a Milkshake Baby Messenger Bag!

Wendy, the owner/designer/seamstress behind these wonderful bags, has graciously offered my wonderful readers (yes, that is YOU) a chance to win one of these fun bags!  And you get to design it yourself with any of the fabric in my store!  How awesome is that!!!!!

The bags are made with durable duck cloth and added stabilizers.  They have 3 pockets inside, 4 pockets outside, an adjustable strap, and a magnetic closure on the flap!  Plus they are just really really fun!

Any mom or student or grandma or basically any breathing person would love one of these bags!  And Christmas is quickly approaching!!!  Visit Wendy’s shop here.  

So how do you enter to win?  

Tell us which fabric you’d pick for your custom made bag!
Pick any of the fabrics I have available in my shop!

The winner will be picked on September 30th at which time I’ll get you in touch with Wendy.

Thanks for playing!!!!

Aug 152009

Taylor swinging

My baby starts school next week.  He’ll be going to preschool 2 days a week.  And he couldn’t be more excited!  (Isn’t he a doll?  I made those shorts he’s wearing too and never even blogged about it.  Man!  I’m a bad blogger!   😉   )

Of course, now he needs a lunch bag of his own! I bought this pattern from Cascade Lemonade on Etsy. Super cute – don’t ya think?

Taylor's new lunch bag

My little boy is messy (as most 3 year old are, I’m sure) so I wanted to make the outside and inside wipeable. I used an iron-on laminate to accomplish this on the outside fabric. The bag has then has a layer of insul-bright to help keep food the right temperature and nylon ripstop as the lining inside.

Of course I HAD to use the newest fabric from Amy Schimler. Animal Party is super fun. When Taylor saw it he asked if I would make him a blanket for his bunk bed. (He doesn’t have a bunk bed…but a friend of ours has the most awesome bunk bed ever. In fact, I’ll have to get pics to show you guys!) And then he added “And a shirt and some shorts too.”

Animal Party

This won’t be the last thing you see from this fabric for sure! I just LOVE it! The rich boy colors, the fun animals – it makes me so happy.  So happy, in fact, that I think I need to go cut some more of it up for my next project. :-) Okay – hope you have a great weekend!

Apr 272009

This weekend (I’m reclaiming my weekends by the way) I made several things!  Yay for sewing!  One project was a new bag for me to take to Market.  It is from a Melly & Me pattern, Meadow.

I used prints from Moda’s Wonderland and Michael Miller’s Andalucia – plus Amy Butler on the inside.

  • Tweedle Dum (light floral)
  • Pepper (Polka Dot)
  • Kiwi Jester (Green Harlequin)
  • Espresso Pod Ditz (Brown Floral)
  • Grey Wallflower (inside of bag)

I like how it turned out.  And the whole time I was sewing it, I talked to myself in an Australian accent – so that was pretty fun.  (Melly & Me is an Australian company…in case you didn’t know.)  The instructions were well written and easy to follow.  (Just FYI, Australians sew in inches, so you don’t have to convert everything to centimeters!)

The only change I made was adding a zippered pocket to the inside.  I figured that a secured area in a bag this large is always a nice option.  Zippered pockets are easy to add.  I might get around to showing you how some day.  😉

On a related note, my husband has asked if he could be a guest blogger.  He would like to show you all the bags I have and take a vote on if I am out of control.  :-)

Nov 192008

Every once in a while my hubby manages to get tickets to University of Arizona events.  Last night was one of those nights.  He called mid-afternoon with the news “I have tickets to the basketball game!”  Fantastic – a night out with my husband is just what I needed.  What I also needed was a bag to carry at said event.  I mean good heavens – why would I want to be preparing for the craft show this weekend when I can be making myself bags?  😉

Luckily, I already had the University of Arizona fabric on hand.  Long long ago I had planned on making a bag for such occasions.  It just kept getting pushed to the back of the pile and never got made because other things kept taking priority.  Feeling very motivated, however, I decide to get that bag done in time for the game.  It helped that I had a crafty friend here too!  (And let’s not forget, it also helped me procrastinate preparing for the craft show.  I’m a last minute type of gal!)

Canvas would have been an easy choice for the lining of the bag – and something I had on hand as well – but it seemed a bit boring to me.  This print was the one begging to be used.  So Amy Butler’s Daisy Chain it was!  The next problem came with the closure.  I have magnetic closures on hand – but again…they just were not calling my name, plus I wanted to bring a little of the Amy Butler print to the outside of a bag….so a button was decoupaged with a scrap of the fabric. (not by me – that’s my friend’s handy work)  Perfect!  Now I had a bag to carry to the game. :-)

The game – well it was exciting!  Sadly, the University of Arizona lost by 1 point with .8 seconds left on the clock.  I guess I can’t exactly call my bag a good luck bag.