Mar 022015

As some of you may have heard, BERNINA will be debuting all new 7-series models – 790E, 770QE, and the 740 very soon. While they will come with some great new features, the original 7-series machines are still feature packed and are now a hot commodity at super low prices! The 710’s and 750QE’s are already sold out at BERNINA and I imagine the 780’s won’t be around for long.


If you had your eye on the 750QE, we have 1 left in stock … that’s it! Once it is sold .. its gone. This is a brand new machine that we were going to use as our floor model. Some of its many features include:

  • BERNINA Stitch Regulator comes standard
  • 10″ from the needle to the throat of machine – can accommodate large quilts easily
  • Jumbo bobbin – holds 80% more thread than a regular bobbin
  • Dual feed – provides extra help to pull the fabrics evenly
  • 837 stitches – tons of decorative and quilting stitches
  • can be upgraded to include embroidery

MSRP was $5,799 .. you’ll need to come stop by the shop to see our new low price. For the price, this is a fantastic deal that won’t be around for long. The first person who comes by or calls will be the lucky winner! The new models will be great as well but MSRP will be higher too. Now’s your chance to take advantage of the super low prices while still getting a fantastic machine!


As you recall, I said at the beginning that this model was being replaced by newer models which can cause some concern for people. To ease your mind, here are some of the questions we’ve seen:

  • Will there still be support for the older 7-series models? Absolutely! They’ve gone in a tweaked a few features mainly on the interface side. All of the parts for this machine will still be available for years to come.
  • Will you still get classes for the older 7-series models? Absolutely! The support materials are still available and we will continue to teach on these models.
  • Does the warranty still apply? Absolutely! The older 7-series models will still come with the full BERNINA warranty.

If you have any other questions about this series or the new models, please come stop by the shop. We’d be happy to discuss these great machines and what’s new for the newer models.


Feb 242015

Who wants to be sewing on this blinged-out beauty tonight?


Have you stopped by the shop and checked out the latest special edition .. the BERNINA 880 Sterling Edition? Not only is it so pretty and come packed with special features, but there are so many additional perks that come with it that truly make this machine a must-have!

We only have one left in stock and with the availability limited, I’m not sure if we will be able to get any more. If you’ve thought about investing in a fantastic machine that will encourage your imagination to run wild, come stop by the shop and test her out.  This machine will do all that you want and more that you didn’t know was possible for a sewing machine!

Along with all the standard features you love on the 880 (12″ from needle to throat, jumbo bobbin, use of the jumbo hoop, stitch designer, etc.) the Sterling Edition comes with all our favorite tools – PaintWorks, CrystalWorks, CutWork, and PunchWork – along with a beautiful Sterling Edition Quilt Kit and bonus coupons for you to add even more to your already tricked out machine.

To celebrate National Embroidery Month, we have special pricing on BERNINA 880 Sterling Edition as well as all of our other BERNINA embroidery machines.



Sep 162013

This week during BERNINA’s Sew-Cessorize, Annual Super Accessory Sale, we’ll be featuring several of our “must-have” feet. The ones every one should absolutely, positively have in their accessory box (ie. BERNINA Barbie closet).

First up is the #18 Button Sew-On Foot

#18 Button Sew-On Foot at Lola Pink Fabrics

I LOVE this foot! It is the perfect companion to the automatic buttonhole feature found on all BERNINAs from the 3-series on up. You can sew your buttonholes and sew on your buttons in no time flat. No more trying in vain to find those stupid little holes!

You can get this foot now here at Lola Pink Fabrics for 25% off through Monday, September 23rd. Not local? Call your local BERNINA dealer to get yours – today!

Happy Sewing,


Jun 072013

At Lola Pink, you know we absolutely love our BERNINAs! We truly believe they are the best sewing machine available. There is such a range of machines each engineered with its own set of features, benefits, and personalities. So much so that we decided our BERNINAs needed names to go along with their unique personalities.

Our machines are named after awesome customers, amazing online friends, fabulous employees, and a couple of four-legged friends. 😉 Over the next few weeks, we will be introducing you to all of our BERNINA lovely ladies.

First up is  our BERNINA 215 whom we’ve named Heather.

Hello My Name Is ... Heather

Heather is young, fun, and full of energy. She is absolutely fearless when it comes to crafting! Heather needed a machine that was super user-friendly but sturdy enough to handle any project she could dream up.

The BERNINA 215 is a perfect “Heather” machine. It provides all the basic stitches and switching between them is a breeze. With 9 needle positions, 5.5mm maximum stitch width, and a built-in needle threader, our Heather gets you beautiful BERNINA stitch quality plus perks to make your life easier.

When you are new to sewing, the last thing you want is to have to fight your machine all the time .. especially if you aren’t sure what exactly is wrong! With Heather, you’ll be able to sit down and sew beautifully. No more fighting with your tension dial or struggling to keep your fabric straight. Heather is an awesome entry-level sewing machine!

To learn more, come stop by the shop and test-drive Heather. You can also get links to more information on our website.

Happy Sewing,


Jun 062013

BERNINA has an amazing promotion that just started and runs through Labor Day, September 2nd ~ Give and Get Back.


Basically, you bring in any of your old sewing machines that you have hanging around your house (you know you’ve got one!) and we will get it serviced and donate it to The Sewing Machine Project.

To show our appreciation, we’ll give you a 10% discount off the purchase of a new machine (up to $500). Doing something good + getting something great in return = win/win!

Why not experience optimum stitch control, automatic buttonholes, a wide range of stitches and more? All you have to do is Sew it Forward when you stop in the shop for our Give and Get Back promotion this summer.

The Sewing Machine Project has given over 900 sewing machines since 2005 and continues to work extensively in areas of the Gulf Coast, Mexico, Kosovo and Sri Lanka to mend lives and provide opportunities. The recipients are either individuals or organizations and they are supported with sewing and business education, small business development, creative growth and local community service. The Sewing Machine Project believes that when people grow stronger, so do their communities.