Aug 152009

Taylor swinging

My baby starts school next week.  He’ll be going to preschool 2 days a week.  And he couldn’t be more excited!  (Isn’t he a doll?  I made those shorts he’s wearing too and never even blogged about it.  Man!  I’m a bad blogger!   😉   )

Of course, now he needs a lunch bag of his own! I bought this pattern from Cascade Lemonade on Etsy. Super cute – don’t ya think?

Taylor's new lunch bag

My little boy is messy (as most 3 year old are, I’m sure) so I wanted to make the outside and inside wipeable. I used an iron-on laminate to accomplish this on the outside fabric. The bag has then has a layer of insul-bright to help keep food the right temperature and nylon ripstop as the lining inside.

Of course I HAD to use the newest fabric from Amy Schimler. Animal Party is super fun. When Taylor saw it he asked if I would make him a blanket for his bunk bed. (He doesn’t have a bunk bed…but a friend of ours has the most awesome bunk bed ever. In fact, I’ll have to get pics to show you guys!) And then he added “And a shirt and some shorts too.”

Animal Party

This won’t be the last thing you see from this fabric for sure! I just LOVE it! The rich boy colors, the fun animals – it makes me so happy.  So happy, in fact, that I think I need to go cut some more of it up for my next project. :-) Okay – hope you have a great weekend!

Aug 122009

I just about died when I saw this fabric from Alexander Henry!  The fairies on rollerskates, the little birdies in tree tops, and cute starflowers.  Haley loved the fairies too…..I knew she would.


And I’ve had this pattern sitting on my to-do list for way too long. I thought it would be perfect to show the fairies (which are about 6 inches in size). I made the longer version to make it a dress. I’m thinking it is a tiny bit too long…but that also means she won’t outgrow it tomorrow. :-)

I had planned to use one of the starflower calico prints – but Haley decided to help me while I was preparing the fabric. She ended up picking an Anna Maria Horner polka dot and I think it looks great!!! During this process she informed me that she doesn’t like brown, but she likes fashion brown. (Which apparently means tan with pink polka dots?!?!?)

That darn kat pattern

Turned out pretty cute. Now to go weed out some of her older clothes to make room for all the fun new clothes.

Aug 092009

to look a lot like Christmas

Christmas Jammies

Who am I kidding?
it looks and feels nothing like Christmas
here in one-hundred-and-way-too-hot Arizona

But here is an inconvenient truth


Okay okay, so that seems like a long time and not all that inconvenient
but if you are planning to make your Christmas gifts this year
(which I highly recommend!)
right now is the perfect time to get started!
Before you totally freak out and go to the store and buy gifts.
Think of the relief when the holiday season rolls around
And you’ve made your list
and checked it twice!
And in that spirit, I have put all my holiday fabric on sale!
For the rest of August
Seriously…huge sale!

And if nothing else, my children’s Christmas PJ’s are done!


Sense the relief?
You could feel that way too!


(PJ pants were adapted from an Oliver & S pattern
Fabric is from the line 
It’s Snowing by Moda
Embroidery Designs are from
Bunnycup Embroidery)

Jun 112009

My mother cursed me.  She is the queen of all practical gifts….and I fear she has passed this trait onto me.  So when I have to get a gift for a little one, I just cannot buy something that I know is impractical.  The most practical of all gifts for little ones is a hooded towel.  They are the best!  

Hooded Towels

And I know they are the best because I get requests all the time to make them. Friends I have gifted hooded towels come back to me asking to make more. Previous customers email to see if I would make another one. Family members request them too.  They last for years, they actually cover the baby up, the absorb way better than the typical baby towel…and well I’m not trying to sell you one, so I shouldn’t go on and on….but I’d say if you don’t have a GOOD hooded towel for your children, find one!  So today, I am making hooded towels galore   :-)    Here are a few with the every popular 2D Zoo (now back in stock).    

PS.  My friend has a pattern for sale if you would like to make one yourself.  And her pattern comes with a cute bag too!  You know I love bags   :-)   Visit her store here.

Feb 262009

The Tucson Rodeo is a big deal around here. Haley’s preschool even has a hoe down. 😉 The kids all sing and then we do some square dancing. Really quite fun and very cute. Haley borrowed a pair of boots and already had the perfect bandana shirt. Cute cute cute!

Today I made up these simple aprons for an auction at the preschool. They’ll go into a couple baskets with some art supplies. The new Michael Miller fabric is adorable! And guess what? For a limited time, I even have a code for free shipping in the US on orders over $25! Type SPRING in the discount coupon when you check out. (International buyers, use SPRING 2 to save $5 off your shipping costs too.) Visit my website to find the cute messy hands fabric and more! 😮

Jan 192009

Thank you so much for all your kindness. :-)  I’m so excited to see who wins!!!  I have started a spreadsheet to keep track of all the entries.  Whew!  Who knew I was creating so much work for myself?!?!?  I’m also TRYING to respond to each comment – but that is a ton of work too and it might take me the full 2 weeks to get it done!

So yesterday I was having one of those computer days.  You know the ones?  Where you want to do something seemingly simple – and it just won’t work?!?!?  I was at a point where I had 2 options.

A.) Throw the computer through the window.

B.) Go sew.

I knew A might make me feel temporarily victorious over the computer – but even in my frustrated state, I realized it wasn’t the best long term solution!  So sewing won again – plus I wanted to make Haley a Valentine’s dress with some cute Andalucia fabrics.  Oh, how I love that fabric!  Of course, as soon as I showed it to Haley, I knew there was no chance it would make it until Valentine’s Day.  😉  She wore it today.  I took a couple pictures while we were at the park playing.

I’m hoping she’ll let me make her a belt with the Andalucia ribbon – but she is an opinionated little girl.  She already has a matching headband, but try as I might, she refused to wear it today.  Now, if I can come up with a way to make her think it’s her idea…..