Feb 242015

Who wants to be sewing on this blinged-out beauty tonight?


Have you stopped by the shop and checked out the latest special edition .. the BERNINA 880 Sterling Edition? Not only is it so pretty and come packed with special features, but there are so many additional perks that come with it that truly make this machine a must-have!

We only have one left in stock and with the availability limited, I’m not sure if we will be able to get any more. If you’ve thought about investing in a fantastic machine that will encourage your imagination to run wild, come stop by the shop and test her out.  This machine will do all that you want and more that you didn’t know was possible for a sewing machine!

Along with all the standard features you love on the 880 (12″ from needle to throat, jumbo bobbin, use of the jumbo hoop, stitch designer, etc.) the Sterling Edition comes with all our favorite tools – PaintWorks, CrystalWorks, CutWork, and PunchWork – along with a beautiful Sterling Edition Quilt Kit and bonus coupons for you to add even more to your already tricked out machine.

To celebrate National Embroidery Month, we have special pricing on BERNINA 880 Sterling Edition as well as all of our other BERNINA embroidery machines.



May 132013

Coasters Collage

I absolutely adore my new coasters! The embroideries are from the To The Letter design CD from BERNINA. The detail of each letter and the hand-look of the stitches is phenomenal. We’ve made several projects with this particular design package. It’s definitely a shop favorite right now.

Coasters Tsuru

The fabric I used for the back is from the Tsuru collection by Rashida Coleman-Hale. This fabric collection ranks right up there with Kate Spain’s Fandango as one of my all-time favorites. So far I’ve used them for my coasters, made a Washi Dress (photos coming soon), and have some fabric cut for either a Wiksten Tank or other dress … and that’s just a start!

We have the fabric in stock now if you’d like to pick some up for you (before I take it all home with me). If you’d like us to reserve one of the To The Letter CDs for you, just let us know. We’ve been selling out of them and always have more on order. If you’re not local to SW Louisiana, you can pick up a copy of the CD at your local BERNINA dealer.

Happy Sewing,


Jul 272009

One of the machines I have is a combo embroidery/sewing machine.  I LOVE embroidery.  I haven’t been doing enough of it lately! I needed to make a few hooded towels (remember how I love them?) and add names to a couple of them. The fabric I used to embellish the hood is a print from the new line Oh Boy! by David Walker. I think it’s super cute!!!!

Embroidery on a towel can be a little bit tricky because the terry is plush – which makes the stitches sink into the fabric and hide.  Also the terry is too thick to hoop like you typically do.  So I thought I’d show you how I embroider on a towel!

 Stablizers and spray

You’ll need to have a bottom stabilizer as well as a topper (to keep the stitches from sinking).  I typically use a brand called Floriani, but I went and found the Sulky products that are similar because I know they sell these in JoAnn’s and Hancocks.  (We don’t have a Hobby Lobby, so I don’t know if they sell them there!)  If you have a local sewing machine shop, they might have a company they use and trust.    The key is to get products that can wash away!  The sulky items I found  are called  Fabri-Solvy and Super-Solvy.  Since you won’t be able to hoop the towel, you’ll also want spray adhesive.  I use Sulky KK2000.  (Obviously you’ll also need embroidery thread and bobbin – if you need tips on those, let me know!)

Now that you have the supplies the process is fast.   :-)    Start by hooping the Fabri-Solvy. Then spray generously with the KK200.

Hoop fabric stablizer and spray with adhesive


Next I put the hoop on the machine and place the area of the towel to be embroidered on top of the fabri-solvy.

place towel on top

Place the clear super-solvy on top of the towel and start the embroidery machine. I hold it in place for the first couple stitches.

embroider design

When your embroidery machine is done, clip the jump stitches and simply tear away the super-solvy. Any that is left behind (like in the center of the letters) and easily be removed with a little bit of water.

tear away topper

Remove the hoop and cut the fabri-solvy close to the design. This will be washed away once the item is washed.

cut away back stablizer

And now you’re done!  I was only putting a name onto the towel, but it’d work the same way with a larger design.  Have fun.   :-)