Feb 182011

Last night Haley reminded me that she needs a new Easter Dress. Good thing she’s on top of it, because Easter hadn’t even crossed my mind!  I’m home with a sick child today, so now that he is asleep I decided to take a look and figure out this Easter thing.

First…when is Easter this year?  A quick google search revealed that Easter Sunday this year is April 24th. Pleeeeenty of time!

Second- what pattern? The first pattern that popped into my head was the Polkadots & Summer pattern by Fig Tree.  Maybe it’s too simple for Easter – what do you think?

Regardless, the thought took me into the fabric room to look for combinations. Beautiful linen paired with this print from central park.  Doesn’t it seem very spring-y?  (And could be worn over a shirt if sleeveless won’t work.) I love the the blue, the purple, the green – all of it!

Then I started looking for other fabrics….and long story short – Haley reminding me of Easter inspired me to make up 4 new dress kits for this pattern.  I doubt I have time to make one before my little sicky wakes up, but maybe this weekend?!?!?  The dress is really fast!  Which combo should I do first?

Polkadots & Summer Dress Kit

You can find them all here.

Feb 032010

I get by with a little help from my friends

Bloom & Grow Quilt

Check out this quilt that Elena made! Isn’t it fantastic? It’s the Popp’n Posies Quilt Pattern by Izzy & Ivy. We used Bloom & Grow for the fabric. Throw in fantabulous turquoise Jumbo Ric Rac, 3 delightful colours o velvet ric rac and you’re got yourself one adorable quilt! (Yes, I make up words, and sometimes I pretend I’m British…espcially when I’m listening to the Beatles and so I have to spell accordingly.)  Anyway….I’m very very glad I have a friend who loves to quilt!  And she is SO good at it too!  Wouldn’t you agree?!?!?   :-)

Bloom & Grow Quilt

Bloom & Grow Quilt
Bloom & Grow Quilt

The kit is availalbe here. It’s also available in the Just Dreamy fabrics (also by Riley Blake)

By the way, I’m considering starting every single post with lyrics from songs.  Wouldn’t it be fun to play a little game. Like you had to guess the artist? But it couldn’t be super easy like the Beatles and Google would probably ruin the game. I’d have to work hard to be sneaky.  Hmmm….maybe next time because

If I listen close I can hear them singers
Voices in your body coming through on the radio

Jul 152009

A little birdie told me that someone special I know is having a little girl.  I love little girls!!!!  And as luck would have it, these Cuddle Blanket kits arrived yesterday evening….so I knew exactly what I had to do.  Make one, of course!

Pretty Paisley Baby Blanket

These kits are AWESOME! The pieces are pre-cut and ready to sew (even the binding!). I finished in an hour – and that was with taking some breaks to check facebook and twitter. LOL Easy instructions are included with each kit – and they also give you lots of tips – so if you’ve never sewn with minkee before, do not fear!

I have 8 kits in the store and all are super super cute fabric combinations. I’ll be making another tonight since I also know of a little boy that will be arriving before too long!  Use the code BABY to get 10% off!!!  Find them here.