Oct 122009

I don’t know how I should organize the posts.  So it might be mishmash craziness that will span over a couple days.

Here we go!

First – the Michael Miller booths!

Camp Michael Miller

Camp Michael Miller pretty much sets the tone.  The prints I love are fun and playful, just like their booth.

The Michael Miller girls – Patty Young, Sandi Henderson, Paula Prass and Pillow & Maxfield.  It’s hard for me to point out every little detail.  These women have made sure every little detail is perfect.  It is amazing!  Hopefully you’ll be able to see a little bit of that in the pictures. (Check out my quilt market flickr album to see even more pictures!)  

Sandi Henderson's booth

The wonderful Kyoko

Paula and her daughter Jennifer

Whimsy in the new colorway

In addition to new fabric lines, they all have new patterns too!  I have Patty’s newest patterns in the store now.  Sandi is expecting hers to be ready in November and Paula says around the new year. Also Valerie Pillow and Anne Maxfield said their website, blog and such should be up before too long!

I have some goodies for you guys… you’ll definately want to check back. But right now I am falling alseep on my computer desk – so it’s time for me to get some much needed sleep!

See you again soon with more quilt market fun!

Sep 072009

So my laptop sleeve is done!  
And I am in love with it.  
So in love, I think I might have to sleep with it tucked in right next to me at night.

laptop sleeve

See, here it is next to my Kashi waffles, grapes and chai.
I love chai

Regardless of if you are a Mac or a PC – we can come together over this way awesome fabric because it will love you regardless of your computing tendencies. It is by Red Rooster and is called Neutral Territory.

Neutral Territory

At Quilt Market in Pittsburgh, I kept walking past this booth and that red floral called out my name.
“Melanie, stop.”
“Melanie, come say hello.”
“Melanie, I’m neutral. I’ll love everyone and everyone will love me.”

It’s really freaky at first when fabric starts talking to you.
But you get used to it.

Anywho….I finally gave in to the siren calls and stopped by the Red Rooster booth. I love the red floral. But the fabric I really really  really love is the swirly dot.

Yummy Swirly Dots.
I Love it.
So I knew I had to use it for my laptop sleeve.
And the inside lining is also way cute.

inside fabric

Hello little green dot.
I love you too.

Oh – the applique.
I’ve been dying to use this Flights of Fancy fabric forever.
And now I have.
And I love it.
I just cut out a few of the motifs, adhered them to the cover and stitched them in place.

And I love it.
I love a lot of things today.
And I love you, too.

In fact, you can use to coupon code LOVE for 20% off your order over $20.
On my website.
Just this week (until 9-12-09)
Because I feel like sharing the love.
Regardless of if you’re a Mac or if you’re a PC. :-)