Mar 082012

I love Kona Cotton Solids from Robert Kaufman. They come in such a variety of gorgeous colors and have such a good feel to them. I’ve used solids in almost every quilt I’ve ever made or started. I’m also a huge fan of solids-only quilts. Check out these amazing quilts from Robert Kaufman’s Pinterest page

Kona Only Quilts1. From the Modern Quilt Guild’s Kona Challenge (found here)

2. Gradient Quilt from A Few Scraps Blog (found here)

3. Made by Rachel Griffith using her Escapade Quilt Pattern (found here)

4. Made by Karen of Blooming Poppies for a quilt festival (found here)

Need more inspiration?? The Modern Quilt Guild hosted a Kona Challenge last year and their Flickr Pool is filled with amazing solids quilts. Seriously amazing!

Our Robert Kaufman rep was in town and stopped by yesterday with a preview of the new Kona colors debuting at Spring Market … yummy! Also heard they might be retiring some colors (gasp!) … don’t know which ones yet but will definitely let you know in case you want to stock up ūüėČ

Hope you’re having a great day! All Kona Cotton Solids are 20% off¬† now through Sunday, March 11th. A seriously good deal especially if you buy 3+ yards and save an additional 10%! Don’t wait too long, they are going fast!

xo, Jen

Oct 122009

I don’t know how I should organize the posts. ¬†So it might be mishmash craziness that will span over a couple days.

Here we go!

First – the Michael Miller booths!

Camp Michael Miller

Camp Michael Miller pretty much sets the tone.  The prints I love are fun and playful, just like their booth.

The Michael Miller girls – Patty Young, Sandi Henderson, Paula Prass and Pillow & Maxfield. ¬†It’s hard for me to point out every little detail. ¬†These women have made sure every little detail is perfect. ¬†It is amazing! ¬†Hopefully you’ll be able to see a little bit of that in the pictures. (Check out my quilt market¬†flickr album to see even more pictures!) ¬†

Sandi Henderson's booth

The wonderful Kyoko

Paula and her daughter Jennifer

Whimsy in the new colorway

In addition to new fabric lines, they all have new patterns too! ¬†I have Patty’s newest patterns in the store now. ¬†Sandi is expecting hers to be ready in November and Paula says around the new year. Also Valerie Pillow and Anne Maxfield said their website, blog and such should be up before too long!

I have some goodies for you guys… you’ll definately want to check back. But right now I am falling alseep on my computer desk – so it’s time for me to get some much needed sleep!

See you again soon with more quilt market fun!

Sep 242009

You read my blog. ¬†I’m going to guess that the¬†likelihood¬†that you know of Patty Young is pretty high….but just incase…..

In relation to this business of mine, Patty is a fabric designer and pattern writer extraordinaire.  Michael Miller Fabrics prints her lovely designs.  And her company, ModKid, handles her patterns.    Her first line was Andalucia.  

This summer she released Mezzanine.

And now on her blog she has revealed her third collection.  Flora and Fauna.

So I need to make room for her newest collection….which means that ALL of Andalucia is now on sale. ¬†(I ¬†need to go get Haley something made with the Mod Bloom corduroy. ¬†It’s too cute and perfect for fall. ¬†Maybe I’ll do that tonight……)

In fact, the whole Sale Section has been updated. ¬†What is left of Sandi Henderson‘s Ginger Blossom is also marked WAY WAY down. ¬†And as a super extra added bonus – this week all the Sales items get bonus points! ¬†More cash back for your future purchases!!!! ¬†(Read up on the Reward Points here.) ¬†Only 2 weeks until Quilt Market!!!!

Sep 022009

I have said before that I love charm packs.  They are packs of 5 inch squares made from the entire collection of a particular line of fabric.  The packs usually contain around 40 squares.  The cost is generally about $8 and gives you a nice sampling of the line of fabric.  Obviously, you can also use the charm packs, but a lot of people are at a loss as to what the heck they are supposed to do with these little squares of heaven.  Here are a few ideas:

Little Charms

  • Arrange and rearrange all the pretty squares of fabric (just for¬†entertainment)
  • Camera Strap Cover (just blogged about that)
  • Cards (visit Craft Apple‘s blog)
  • Little Girl Skirts
  • Little Girl Pants
  • Little Girl Pinafore¬†Top
  • Dish Towels (jazz up plain ol’ towels)
  • Quilts ¬†(TONS of patterns out there using charms & combos of precuts)
  • Apron (pieced diagonally – seriously cute!)
  • Tote Bag
  • Pincushions
  • Patchwork Memo Board (Just saw this on Moda Bake Shop!)
  • Yo-yos
  • Notebook Covers
  • Patchwork Pillow cases
  • Applique Bibs
  • Applique or patchwork burp cloths
  • Applique Onesies
  • Applique T-shirts
  • Applique Pants
  • Patch holes in Pants
  • Patchwork placemat
  • Decoupage¬†furniture
  • Decoupage picture frame
  • Decoupage mirror frame
  • Patchwork Scarf
  • Patchwork anything and everything you could possibly think of sewing.

So that last one is totally cheating Рbut basically true.   :-)   Also be sure to check out Moda Bake Shop.   They have tons and tons of ideas for precut fabrics (not just charms).

Aug 252009

Yes, it's done

Have you tried free-motion quilting yet? ¬†Is fear holding you back? ¬†Go ahead and try it! ¬†You really can’t mess it up! ¬†As I was moving the fabric to and fro, that is what¬†occurred¬†to me with this last quilt. ¬†It is not prim and proper ! ¬†It’s all over the place. ¬†Running here and there. ¬†Twisting, turning,¬†changing¬†it’s direction. ¬†And that is pretty much exactly me. ¬†A perfect fit!

the leaves on back

Ah -but let’s say that you are a person who doesn’t like mess or chaos. ¬†You want things just so. ¬†Precise and perfect. ¬†Yep, I know a handful of you too. ¬†Well, I still believe you should try this technique as an exercise in character. ¬† ūüėČ ¬†

Free-Motion Quilting

¬†It’s not perfect. I know that. There are imperfections. ¬†But I am not entering it into any huge quilting contests. It’s for my little boy. Who loves it a lot. And his Mama made it for him – which makes it even more special to him. ¬†And besides, aren’t the imperfections one of the things that make handmade so much more meaningful than manufactured?



You’ll see this quilt again in Taylor’s room when I finish it.¬†
(It’s soooo close! ¬†I have to find time this week to get it done!)
A quilt should be worth more than one blog anyway.   :-)  
And just to re-empahsize, dear husband, free-motion quilting is NOT cheating.

Fabric: Amy Schimler’s Animal Party and Forest Fun
Pattern: FREE download from Robert Kaufman


By the way, I also know some of you that are stuck at making your first quilt top. ¬†Pick out a simple design for your first quilt. (Pre-cuts really simplify things.) ¬†Then send it off to to be quilted. ¬†My point is try to overcome the hurdle that is blocking your way. ¬†Figure out a way to jump over it and take off running. ¬†Even if that hurdle has nothing to do with sewing. ¬† ūüėČ ¬†

And now I must go hang shelves! ¬†Until next time…..

Aug 212009

What are your plans this weekend?

I will be sewing backpacks and pillows.
Haley needs them for kindergarten.
The pillow is going to be made out of Lila Tueller’s newest line



She always has such fun designs!
I keep thinking I’ll decorate Haley’s room with one of Lila’s lines.

But first is Taylor’s room.
His Animal Party Quilt is finished.

sneak of Taylor's quilt

I love it.
I wanted to show you pictures of it IN his completed room
That is why I haven’t shared it yet.

I decided I should also sew something for myself again.
Maybe this weekend, maybe not.
I’m thinking of a skirt from one of the new Spellbound prints.


I especially love the Chalky Silhouettes print.
It would make a lovely skirt.
And a bag.
I probably need a new bag.
I’m getting bored with my current selection.


So what are your plans this weekend?

Jun 202009

In Pittsburgh I had set appointments with my regular companies weeks in advance. My first appointment was at 10 am on Friday morning. I was late. Thankfully I wasn’t too late – so my Timeless Treasures rep was still able to meet with me. ¬† :-)

Timeless Treasures has an adorable line out called Apple. ¬†It is filled with goodness….yummy yummy retro goodness. Cute little owls, yummy apples, trees, swirls, flowers and leaves.

Apple Combo


The fabric is cute enough on it’s own – but then they had it displayed using the most adorable pattern, Birdie Big Blocks. ¬†Instantly I knew that I had to get this quilt pattern! And I knew I needed to make it available as a kit for you! ¬†I think it can work with so many fabrics out there! ¬†And of course, it’s¬†available¬†as yardage in my store as well. ¬†:-)

birdie quilt

I also thought this would be adorable in the new Just Dreamy fabric….and boy was I right! I will share that with you tomorrow – now I need to go spend some quality time with my family – Hope your weekend is going great!