Dec 132008

This is a quick tutorial to show you how I made Haley’s reversible headband.  I am no expert – so I feel kinda silly putting this online.  Anyway, it’s an easy project that would be good for beginners.   I used some cute owl ribbon and a Jessica Jones ribbon that are 7/8 inch ribbon.  The one I made the other day was  1.5 inch ribbon – just depends on what you like!

What you need:  Head measurement, ribbon, elastic, thread

1.  Measure your daughter’s head all the way around where a headband would fit.  For Haley this was 20 inches.  My children seem to have big heads.  :-)

Subtract 4 inches from this number to figure out the length of ribbon you need.  So for Haley, I cut each ribbon 16 inches long.

Cut elastic 3.5 inches.

(I think you could manipulate these numbers depending on what you have on hand – I wanted the finished head band to be about 1 inch smaller than her head measurement.)

2. Sandwich the elastic piece between the RIGHT sides of the ribbon.

3.  Sew this end shut.

4.  Flip it so the right sides are out and top stitch the ribbon.  Sew as close to the edge as you can.  I did each side separately. Do not go all the way to the end.  You’ll need a little bit of room to tuck the ends under and insert the elastic.

The part where the elastic is inserted is the weakest.  I back stitch over this entire row to be sure it’s secure.  Then I pivot and top stitch the other side.

5.  Tuck the unfinished ends under.  Now you’ll insert the other side of the elastic in between the ribbon.  Secure with a pin and sew shut.  Be sure to back stitch!

6.  Trim all the loose threads.  And you’re done!

Dec 022008

How could I forget to tell you about the ribbon?  It sucked me in at Quilt Market.

Andalucia is a new line of fabric from Patty Young for Michael Miller Fabrics. It should arrive this week. YOU WILL LOVE IT!!! So I figured since I would have the fabric, I should have the ribbon to go with it as well.  Makes sense, right?  Anyway, the ribbon is already listed on my website.  If you’re interested in buying some ribbon, use the code RIBBON on orders over $10 to get free shipping (in the US.)

Anyone who receives a key fob from me at Christmas, please act surprised.  And happy.  And I’ll pretend they are difficult to make.  A couple little girls I know are also getting belts from the wide ribbon – but they aren’t reading the blog so who cares if I tell you!  I have plenty of the hardware and webbing for the key fobs and D-rings for the belts too – but they are not listed.  I was actually thinking of making a little package deal for those – but the details haven’t come together yet, so if you want those, just email me.  Really easy and fun stocking stuffers!

So there you go!  Now you know about the ribbon!  :-)