Mar 232010

This little area of the house has been neglected since we moved in.  But to explain it, I feel like I need to back up to the very beginning. Okay, so you know that we built our house, right?  If not, now you do.

So this area is actually above the outside entryway. It was supposed to be straight up to the sky (or maybe only the second story, I can’t remember). The window was supposed to be nothing more than an architectural detail. None of this was supposed to be inside the house. Are you with me so far?

Reading Nook

But when our framer was framing the house, he said “hey, why don’t you frame this in and use it?” And we said “Excellent idea!” So we submitted our plans to the truss company.  They approved our idea with a few minor changes to strengthen the structure, making it safe to occupy. Then we had to submit our plans to the city again to get their stamp of approval. It delayed the progress of the house…but I was really excited about having this extra little nook….because this is view from that area of the house.

view from reading nook

SO….we endured the delays and the extra cost to give our house a little something special. :-)   And a couple weekends ago, my husband built-in the bench seat I’ve dreamed of since we created that little area!  While my parents were visiting, my Mom and I fashioned a seat cushion.

reading nook
Next I worked on the decoupage letters that will hang on the wall (They will go in the place of the southwestern zipper art…which my Grandma made. Don’t worry, I will find a new location for the zipper art so they will still be appreciated.)  And heaven knows, that plant needs some help.  I’ll work on that too.  Poor thing.

To make these letters, I went to Michael’s and bought the letters R, E, A and D. (Bet ya couldn’t tell that much from the picture, huh?!?!?) Now if you want to do your child’s name, I would suggest buying the letters in their name…unless their name happens to be Read, then I’d buy the same letters.  Same goes for another word.  It’d be advisable to buy the letters in that word.  (Oh man! I am cracking myself up!)

Okay, okay. Focus!

decoupaged letters with Make Life charm pack by Moda

After buying the letters, I took a charm pack and cut each 5 inch square into four 2.5 inch squares. (The fabric is from the new wonderful line “Make Life” by Sweetwater for Moda…which I ADORE!) Then I used ModPodge to glue the fabric squares to the letters. After drying overnight, I used an exacto knife to trim the excess fabric, and then put another coat of ModPodge just for good measure. (There are plenty of fabric squares left over.  I plan to make a few sets of Craftapple’s Patchwork cards.)

Anyway, I’m excited to get the letters hung and some pillows made to complete the area.  Oh, and I have all my blocks done for a quilt using the Make Life line also.  I really do adore this fabric!  Share more about that later!

Oct 162009

I’m very close to wrapping up the Quilt Market recap. (Until next year!) I wanted to show you some wonderful new patterns that will be in the shop. And the last quilt market post, but certainly not least, will be What’s Coming AND  super fab giveaways. You’ll want to check back for that. I promise!

First up – Pink Fig! We’re a fan of Pink Fig patterns. Chelsea’s patterns are designed to make you fall in love with sewing!

And how can you not fall in love with the Julie Top. Or the Nie Nie skirt?

Pink Fig

And of course, there are the ever so fabulous ModKid patterns. Patty has a sense of not only what looks fashionable (does saying that make me sound old?) but also what kids will actually wear!

The wonderful Kyoko

And I’m happy to have added patterns from Sweetwater to my site.   (Just tonight!)

I currently only have one of each….but I’ve ordered more. I’m not sure exactly when they’ll arrive – it might not be until the fabric is released. *sigh* I’m loving them all.  And I’m loving the prices too!!!!

There is another new pattern company that I fell in love with. Izzy & Ivy Designs. This was their first time at market – and let me tell you, these ladies have been busy!

When their patterns arrive, I’ll be sure to let you know!!!

This weekend I’ll be sewing some patterns for my boys from Hot Scott. Another new company – but all BOY patterns! I should have them in store before too long.


Whew – I think that is all I’ll go over for now. There are other patterns on the way (from the likes of Sandi Henderson, Paula Prass, Art Gallery, etc.) – but I feel like I’ve taken too much time as it is.     :-)   


Most of the patterns are available right now.  So run (I mean click) over to the shop and check them all out….and buy a few.     😉