Jan 192011

For my Tucson peeps, I wanted to let you know that I will be at the Quilt Show! We’re loading up and taking tons of awesomeness down there!  Kits, bundles, and patterns….oh my!  (Plus bolts and more bolts and more bolts of fabric!)  I also have candy! Oodles of candy!  (Plus a free gift for purchases over $50 at the show!)

Quilt Show Stuff

The show is at the Tucson Convention Center – details here!  Now I gotta get to loading up that truck!

PS. I’ll be in Phoenix the next week! Will post a blog for that show with more details soon.  Can’t wait to see many of you! 😀

May 282010

sewing party

It’s like a play date for grown-ups! Take some time to work on a project with a bunch of super awesome fun women in the Tucson area! Email me for directions!

Does it cost? Nope! Just bring yourself, your sewing machine and your project! If you want to bring some wonderfully delicious food to share with others for lunch or a snack, feel free! But it’s not required at all. The point is just to get together with others that share your interest. We have a great time!

Am I forgetting something? Post any other questions and I’ll try to answer them here! Can’t wait! See you soon!

Jan 062009

For those of you in and around Tucson, Arizona
(or ya know, if you want to fly or drive here – that’s cool too!)

Who:  You!

What: Sewing party

When: January 22, 2009  6 pm

Where:  Melanie’s House

Why:  For fun, of course!

You may recall, when I did the craft show in November I had the pleasure of meeting Gigi.  Gigi runs the shop Pinks & NeedlesSandi Henderson used Gigi’s adorable handmade pin toppers in the photograph of her cupcake pattern.  So anyway, we got to talking and thought it would be fun to get together and sew up our own super cute, super fun cupcake pin cushions – and we’d like to invite YOU to join us for an evening of sewing, chatting, eating, laughing…FUN!!!!

The technical stuff:

We need you to RSVP by Jan 16th, please!

We will be making the Cupcake Pincushion pattern by Sandi Henderson.  (You can make something else if you’d like, I suppose!)  This is not a free pattern -so if you don’t own it already, let me know and I will order you one.  The patterns are $11.95.  You may bring your own fabric or I have a bunch of scrap fabric that you may also use.  (Of course, I have ton of fabric on the bolt too if you feel like buying something specific.)  I already have the filling – so you don’t need to worry about bringing that.  I only have one sewing machine – so if you want to bring your machine, that would be great!

Once you RSVP, I will contact you with directions to my house.  It’s going to be a fun night!  Hope to see you there  :-)

Oct 072008

So – none of you probably care…but this is the new and improved picture that shows the WHOLE intersection. (It’s a real aerial of the intersection I got my ticket at.)

SO – if you PASS the bright yellow line after the light turns red (added for illustration purposes only…not there in real life) THEN you are running a red light because you are legally entering the intersection after the light turns red. On this particular intersection (the one I got a ticket from) there is 50 feet between the painted white stop line and the legal intersection… quite confusing…right?  Hopefully you can understand it better now that you can see it. Of course, your state law may not be the same. :-)

I will be quiet now about the traffic school stuff!  Onto other things!