Jun 142012

We absolutely love Dena Designs latest fabric collection, Pretty Little Things. Fun and whimsical, this collection by Dena Designs features a combination of hand painted florals with fresh geometric prints in aqua and pink. Inspired by sweet handmade projects, these are the perfect patterns to create pretty little things.

To get you started, Dena posted one of her favorite DIY projects on her blog and even filmed a video to go along with it. Fabric covered albums are easy, fun, beautiful gifts.

DIY Fabric Covered Album by Dena Designs. Fabric found at Lola Pink Fabrics #lolapinkYou can also use this same method to cover all sorts of items around the house .. journals, boxes, magazine holders would be perfect!

The Pretty Little Things fabric Dena used in her tutorial is now available in the shop. This collection is gorgeous!

May 102012

Making a cathedral window mini-quilt is on my list of things I must sew.  I even know the fabric I want to use. :-)  But holy guacamole, it looks like sooooo much work!  Maybe that’s why this adorable pincushion caught my eye!

This free Cathedral Window Pincushion tutorial can be found over at Moda Bake Shop.  It’s like sewing and origami all in one! And since it’s such a cute little package and only one window, maybe it’s not so overwhelming?!?!

(And if you need a little bling for your pincushion – check out Etsy!  I love this Alice in Wonderland Eat Me Cupcake from Pinks & Needles! )

Anyway, the pincushion would be super fun with the Pezzy Prints charm pack! Or A Walk in the WoodsSummersville would be so fun because it could be like a little window peeking out onto a town!  And don’t forget Vintage Modern! That would be so so sweet.  We love Moda Bake Shop for inspiration! And their charm packs too!  (You can find all of our pre-cut fabrics here!)

Sep 012009

Patchwork Camera Strap Cover

I could have actually worked on my “to-do” list today. It is long. It is growing. It would have been the responsible thing to do.

But I had to visit the dentist. (Follow up work, nothing new or unexpected.) Paying him even more money kinda put me in a bit of a mood. For me, sewing helps right that mood. So instead of being responsible, I made something pretty.  This not totally irresponsible now that I now get to share it with you!   :-)

Here’s how: I determined I needed my cover to end up 2 inches wide by 20 inches long (I wish now I had made it 2 inches x 22 or 23 inches so it’d go onto the leather strap area.)  I used a charm pack as my starting point. That along with a scrap of fabric for the back and some fusible fleece was all I needed to make this quick project!  (and the fleece is optional!)

3 inch squares
I used 9 – 3 inch squares from the charms and sewed them together.
(If I made it again, I’d use  11 or 12 squares instead so it’d be longer.)

Sew together

Then sewed the patchwork piece and the solid piece together.

fusible fleece

Iron fusible fleece on the wrong side.

top stitch

Top stitch the patchwork squares.

Fold ends

Fold over the ends and stitch in place.
(I did 4 rows of stitching because I though it looked cooler.)

Right sides together

Sew right sides together.

Trim excess

Trim the excess so the seam is not bulky.
(if I had used 2.5 inch squares this wouldn’t be necessary)

Turn and iron

Turn right side out and iron.

Camera Strap

Slide it onto your strap and you’re done!

****** BONUS ******
I have an extra one laying right here. It measures about 2 inches by 20 inches.
Would you like it? Just leave me a comment. I’ll draw a name in the next couple of days.

PS. The FABULOUS fabric is Momo’s new line for Moda.  It is called Odyssea and I am so in love with it.  The pre-cuts are here now.  The yardage will be here sometime this month!

Off to be “for real” productive……

Dec 132008

This is a quick tutorial to show you how I made Haley’s reversible headband.  I am no expert – so I feel kinda silly putting this online.  Anyway, it’s an easy project that would be good for beginners.   I used some cute owl ribbon and a Jessica Jones ribbon that are 7/8 inch ribbon.  The one I made the other day was  1.5 inch ribbon – just depends on what you like!

What you need:  Head measurement, ribbon, elastic, thread

1.  Measure your daughter’s head all the way around where a headband would fit.  For Haley this was 20 inches.  My children seem to have big heads.  :-)

Subtract 4 inches from this number to figure out the length of ribbon you need.  So for Haley, I cut each ribbon 16 inches long.

Cut elastic 3.5 inches.

(I think you could manipulate these numbers depending on what you have on hand – I wanted the finished head band to be about 1 inch smaller than her head measurement.)

2. Sandwich the elastic piece between the RIGHT sides of the ribbon.

3.  Sew this end shut.

4.  Flip it so the right sides are out and top stitch the ribbon.  Sew as close to the edge as you can.  I did each side separately. Do not go all the way to the end.  You’ll need a little bit of room to tuck the ends under and insert the elastic.

The part where the elastic is inserted is the weakest.  I back stitch over this entire row to be sure it’s secure.  Then I pivot and top stitch the other side.

5.  Tuck the unfinished ends under.  Now you’ll insert the other side of the elastic in between the ribbon.  Secure with a pin and sew shut.  Be sure to back stitch!

6.  Trim all the loose threads.  And you’re done!