Aug 312009

how much

This fabric has 7 yards available.
The arrow points to where you can find that info.
But a lot of people don’t order from this detailed screen.
So they order more and then don’t notice the little asteriks next to the item.

I have finally figured out a way to very clearly show that an item is backordered!



At times I feel so inadequate with my web skills.
And I also feel badly that things like this take me so long to work out….
But I have to remind myself that I am only one person
and I have come a long way.

And I feel dumb blogging about such things –
but these things consume hours of my time, so I’m just keepin’ it real.   :D


PS.  I will continue to allow you to back order items because usually I can get more in stock…but now you will know that the whole amount you ordered might not be in stock.

Here is another thing to consider….that 7 yards is really just a best guess based on the information I was given by the manufacturer. The manufactures do not always send 15 yards on the bolt….sometimes they are short and sometimes they are long. So in reality I may have 8 yards or 6 yards….or I might have 7 exactly.

And about the word “yards”…..I’m thinking of changing that to say a little something different that will work with non-fabric items as well. Right now it shows patterns and kits as being sold in yards….and that kinda drives me crazy. Not that it’s a long drive….


Back to the madness for me!



  7 Responses to “To Backorder or Not”

  1. What a gorgeous fabric! Good thing you figured it out eventually right?

  2. i think it’s great you learned something new! who cares how long it took!

  3. Well you’re doing better than some. I’m still bitter about my hancocks-puducah order.

    • Ha ha! Well I’m trying to make improvements – one step at a time. :-) The way I had it set up before it just didn’t stand out – now I don’t see how anyone could miss the big red bold letters and box at the top!

  4. love the look of this cover.

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