Mar 142011

train weekend
We stumbled about this by total accident several years ago!  In Tucson there is a group called the Tucson Garden Railway Society.  The members all have model trains set up in their back yards. (I can ABSOLUTELY see my husband doing this when he is retired.)

train weekend

Once a year they have a weekend when they select several “train gardens” that the public can tour!  It cost $5 per adult and is free for children.  This weekend was that weekend, so it’s too late for this year, but you can add your name to their mailing list and they’ll let you know when the 2012 tour is going to take place!

Train weekend

I took a ton of pictures. The details they put into it amaze me.  At one location the owner is in a wheelchair, so everything is raised and accessible him.  Another location just started their garden so you can see their ideas beginning to take shape.  It’s always a fun weekend!

train weekend

What did you do this weekend?

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  6 Responses to “Trains”

  1. That looks like so much fun. One of my aunts used to be involved with this group in Santa Barbara that had mini trains. but actually big enough that you could actually ride them. Going there is one favorite memories.

    • Those are always special memories! There was one like that where we used to live. I was too old to ride the train, but I remember driving buy it and seeing the man out in the front of his yard letting kids have rides. There is also a train park up in Phoenix metro that my kids love.

  2. wow — that looks super cool. I know of another little boy that would love to see all those trains!

    • I know! I was thinking that it’d be nice if we were close enough to do something over a weekend like that. but alas, we are not. Also wishing my friend Rachelle was in town because her little guys loves trains!

  3. This is so cool! Especially for boys. I will put myself on their mailing list and maybe my nephew who is 5 will be here next year when they have open house! Thank you for sharing a great place to see.

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