Oct 212009

Girls Live?

Pink Fig Sweatshirt pattern

Yeah, I don’t know.  I have the book, Where the Wild Things Are (and the movie) on my brain.  I haven’t actually seen the movie.  And based on one of my friend’s review – I won’t see it until it comes out on DVD.   But the fabric I used is from a collection called Wildwood, so it seems fitting.


And I am actually a little dizzy in the head.  I fear I might be catching something.

Okay forget my craziness….back to the cute little outfit Haley is wearing!  

It’s from the new Pink Fig pattern Scrapbook Jeans & a Sweatshirt.  I still need to add a big button to the front – or a fabric flower like my friend Anna.  But it wasn’t done – and the temperature was below 70 degrees (I am raising an Arizona girl!) so Haley wanted to wear it today.     :-) 

 walking to the picture place

I used fabric from Erin McMorris’ Wildwood collection (oh I already told you that, didn’t I?) and instead of a sweatshirt (we are in AZ afterall) I used a raglan shirt I had on hand.  (Pssst – they are also listed in my store in the new Notions section at a great price!) 

And the hood!  The hood is lined with minky fabric.  

Minky hood

The minky will be available in my store  soon- in smaller cuts (in other words, more afforable!)  I’ll be sure to let you know when it’s up.

As usual – I opted to size up when making this for Haley.  That way, I figure it’ll last her longer.  I realize, however, that I need to stop doing that because I make her so many things – she needs to outgrow them!  If that makes any sense.     😉   

Oh – I almost forgot to share – I got many of the prints from Erin’s Park Slope collection in the shop now!  They are no longer being printed so I got a great deal on them!  And I’m passing it on to you guys.  Plus this week if you use the code ERIN when you check out, you’ll get an additional 20% off (good on both her Park Slope and her Wildwood collections!)

Now my head is really spinning.  I’ve got to go find some medicine.  Talk at you again soon!


PS.  There is still time to enter the grandest giveaway ever!  And remember – someone has to win. (Actually 5 people will win! ) Yes, international entries are accepted and yes, I know I’m crazy to give away this awesome fabric and the patterns too.  I might have to have my head checked.  Thank you very much.  Plus your chances are way better with me than with, say, Ree.


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  11 Responses to “Where the Wild….”

  1. I would love to win that meadowsweet fabric it is sooooo beautiful.


  2. seriously – when do you find time to actually do so much sewing??? i love it!!! don’t breathe my air…i AM sick and it’s a bad one. yuck. cough cough.


  3. Hope you get some rest and aren’t really too sick! Yuck. You continue to amaze me. The Quilt Market posts are awesome…the giveaway -are you nuts? :) And then another so cute dress for Haley…she’s so lucky! Take care of yourself!


  4. Lucky little girl – so cute!
    And yes, smaller cuts of munky!


  5. Came over to invite you to see what’s on my blog… it’s those snowman that escaped AZ and snuck in my order last month.

    And you’re have a contest….oooh I love Craft Apple and I’ve been eyeing Erin. Hope I win.

    And I saw some pictures of you with various designers, on various blogs. I was just a little bit jealou you know. LOL


  6. These prizes are too exciting for words. Quilt market looks like so much fun.


  7. I’m drinking some Emergen-C as I type. I’m feeling a bit sluggish and congested the last few days. Hoping to head it off by drinking some of this nasty, weak-Tang flavored stuff!

    That little dress/romper is really cute. Using the minky is a great idea for the hood. It would be nice and cozy around the ears and neck!


  8. So cute and bright and just perfect for our little princess.


  9. man!! such a cute top!!!!!! love it….can you come take care of my family so I can sew for just a day or so??? :)


  10. so cute! When will the fabrics from quilt market be on your shop?


  11. I love seeing what you have….please add me to your contest and I’m really hoping to be a winner….


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