Dec 152008

One thing I love about Tucson is the weather.  Yea, sure – it gets a bit hot in the summer – but the winters make up for all of that!  For instance, how many places can you have an outdoor winter dance recital?  Here in Tucson you can!

Truth be told, Haley was the cutest dancer on the stage.  Alright – I admit that I might be the teenciest, tiniest bit biased.  She was darn cute, though!  I have posted lots of pictures on my flickr account – so head over there if you want to see more of her cuteness.  :-)

  4 Responses to “Winter Dance Recital”

  1. Um…that’s so not fair. We get hot summers and right now it’s too cold for me to go outside to take a picture for my next blog post…okay, maybe I’m just wimpy.

    And yes, she is the cutest!


  2. This dancing is pretty serious business and I have to agree, Haley is the cutest! Looks like fun and looks like she is keeping up with the steps and having fun singing too. That’s my girl!
    Love you all,


  3. Previously when I looked at your pictures, I was thinking the same thing about an outdoor dance recital…must be nice. Currently, I’m on day 2 home from school b/c of ice. :( I agree, Haley is too cute!


  4. Of course she was the cutest dancer there… just look at those little legs and her jazzy little fingers. That age is so precious.


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