Mar 092012

We have a sweet quilt teacher that comes to the shop and teaches our Beginning Quilt class. I’ve gone through the class twice now and there’s definitely been a big improvement in my piecing .. finally!

For the first quilt I made, I chose some of my favorite fabrics that we had in the shop at that time. There’s some Kate Spain Central Park, Momo Just Wing It, Tina Givens Opal Owl, and Anna Maria Horner Innocent Crush just to name a few.

Quilt Sampler  - Lola Pink Jen

I liked how it turned out … just don’t look to closely … so many mistakes! I just have to keep reminding myself that I learned a lot while making it which was the entire point!

For the second go-round with the class, I chose to use all Kona Solids and I really like how it’s turning out. Yep, the class I took ended months ago and I have yet to actually finish it.

Kona Solids Quilt - Lola Pink FabricsI’m thinking about adding a light grey outside border, probably Kona Ash and doing little Ash cornerstones to break up the white a little bit. Will have to play with it and see how it’ll look.

Truth be told, I have to redo one of the blocks too … I went to cut it down to size and cut it waaay to small. If I cut the others to match, I’ll mess up all the points. So I’ll either redo it or add a really, tiny border to get it back up to size. Ugh .. I can’t believe I messed it up like that!

It’s supposed to rain here all day Sunday … yay!! Hope to get lots of sewing done. Getting 4 Swoon blocks prepped and have a tank top that I want to make along with a Schoolhouse Tunic to finish and a dress sample to start on. Whew … should be a busy day!!

xo, Jen

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