May 172012

Unless you’re without sight (I’m guessing you’re not since you’re reading the blog  😀 ) then you have noticed zig zags everywhere….and I mean everywhere!  Many people are calling the prints Chevrons – which from what I can tell a zig zag is a chevron print lined up over and over.  If it’s off-set then it’s a chevron print.  Anyway, I’m not too fussy about getting all the terminology right….the point I’m making is that they are popular!

How about this adorable skirt over on Moda Bake Shop?  With Vintage Modern, please and thank you!  (Or should we make that bold Pezzy Prints instead?)


How about the fun Ziggy Baby pattern from Cluck Cluck Sew?  Love the color blocking!


Need a super cute cover for your sewing machine? Or some delightful pincushions?  Thimble Blossoms has you covered!  (Yeah, the pun was intentional. :-)  )

And I love how Heather quilted her recent zig-zag quilt!  You can really see the pattern on the back!


Zigs, Zags, Chevrons!  We love them all! (OH! and we have Thangles too – making Half Square Triangles a piece of cake!)

(And don’t forget to add photos of your zig zag (or other Lola Pink creations) to our flickr group!)

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  1. I’m such a sucker for zig zags!! Have been wanting to make the Ziggy Baby quilt for quite some time.


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