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Shirred V-neck Shirt, Tunic or Dress for Tween and Teen Girls

Sizes 10, 12, 14 and 16

Hailey is a flirty dress and shirt with several length options for your tween or teen girl. It can be sewn with knit or woven fabrics and it has no zippers, buttons or snaps so it sews up in a flash. A comfy and stretchy shirred section below the bust creates a feminine silhouette while making this garment versatile for girls of all shapes and sizes.

SUGGESTED FABRICS: Woven fabrics (quilting cottons, shirtings, voiles, gauzes and lawns) 44"/45" wide. Or knit fabrics (jerseys, interlocks, stretch velvet or stretch velour) 56"/58" wide.


Woven Fabrics (44"/45" wide)
Size View A View B View C View D
10 1 1/3 yard 1 1/2 yard 1 3/4 yard 1/4 yard*
12 1 1/3 yard 1 2/3 yard 1 7/8 yard 1/4 yard*
14 1 1/2 yard 1 2/3 yard 2 yards 1/4 yard*
16 1 2/3 yard 1 3/4 yard 2 yards 1/4 yard*
* Ruffle Only

Knit fabrics (56"/58" wide)
Size View A View B View C View D
10 2/3 yard 3/4 yard 5/8 yard 1/4 yard*
12 2/3 yard 5/8 yard 1 yard 1/4 yard*
14 3/4 yard 5/8 yard 1 yard 1/4 yard*
16 7/8 yard 5/8 yard 1 yard 1/4 yard*
* Ruffle Only
All MODKID sewing patterns are for personal use or sale of handmade product ONLY in small quantities by at-home businesses. Manufacturing of ready-to-wear products made from our original designs for commercial use is strictly prohibited. No part of this pattern may be reproduced in print or electronically.




MODKID LLC allows the right to use this pattern to create items sewn by the purchaser and only the purchaser for personal use or sale. Please direct inquiries for any other commercial use to info@modkidboutique.com. Any printed or electronic reproduction of this pattern in part or whole is strictly prohibited.