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BERNINA Embroidery Software

Creativity with Color PhotoStitch and 3D embroidery designs

BERNINA Embroidery Software 8
Free 30-Day Trial Version

Check out the new features of the BERNINA Embroidery Software 8. Download your fully functional trial version and digitize new creative designs. The software is compatible with all BERNINA embroidery machines.

MSRP: $2,499

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Just a few of the awesome new features

Color Photo Stitch

Color Photo Stitch | Combine two creative passions: photography and embroidery. Take a picture and turn it into an incredible embroidery design. With automatic digitizing your picture is transferred into an easy-to-stitch out embroidery design with one click.
3D Globe Effect

3D Globe Effect | Create an incredible spherical look with 3D globe effect. Turn your flat embroidery into a 3D design only by visual illusion.

| Create special embroidered effects with yarns, cords, wool, etc. in combination with classic stitching. These sculptured threads stand out on your design for stunning effects and textures.
Automated Quilt Block Layout

Automated Quilt Block Layout | Automatic quilt background stitching used to create 'echo' quilting designs, like scroll clipped or stipple filled quilt blocks. Quilt block sizing and positioning aids.
Color Management

Color Management | Color chart positions are numbered for easy reference. Chosen colors are tagged. Hide or show unused colors in the chart. Easy to pack a color and fill separate sections.
Simple Software Installation

Simple Software Installation
| USB stick for installation and product key for activation - No more dongles! Compatible with Windows 7 - 10.

MSRP Pricing:

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Full Version DesignerPlus 8 - $2,499 MSRP

Update from DesignerPlus V5, V6 or V7 to DesignerPlus 8 - $599 MSRP

Upgrade from EditorPlus V5, V6 or V7 to DesignerPlus 8 - $1,299 MSRP

If you don't currently have BERNINA embroidery software, you will need to purchase the Full Version.

If you have an older version of DesignerPlus software, you can purchase just the Update but only V5, V6, and V7 can be updated. Versions 1 - 4 cannot be updated to V8 and you will need to purchase the Full Version.

If you have EditorPlus software and want to Upgrade to DesignerPlus 8, you can purchase just the Upgrade but again only V5, V6, and V7 can be upgraded. Versions 1 - 4 cannot be upgraded and you will need to purchase the Full Version.