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BERNINA Overlocker/Serger

Sew, cut, and neaten in a single operation.

BERNINA L460 - Serger/Overlocker

This serger/overlocker offers great sewing comfort. It cuts, sews and finishes in one single step. The L 460 produces seams and hems of highest stitch quality, from fine rolled hems to wide decorative edges.. More details

BERNINA L450 - Serger/Overlocker

The BERNINA L450, the specialist for highly stretch seams in knitwear, fine rolled hems in lightweight fabrics or decorative flatlock seams in wovens and knits. More details


bernette Overlocker/Serger

Sew, cut, and neaten in a single operation.

bernette Funlock 42

The low-cost 4-thread and 3 needle coverstitch machine – for professional hems. The bernette Funlock 42 is a coverstitch machine featuring a total of 3 different coverstitches with a width of 2.8 and 5.6 mm and a chain stitch.  More details

bernette Funlock 44

The bernette Funlock 44 is a low-cost overlocker for beginners including 15 stitches. The Funlock 44 offers numerous practical functions giving you a straightfoward introduction to sewing. More details

bernette Funlock 48

The bernette 48 is the top model of the Funlock series and is a combination of an overlocker and a coverstitch machine. It has a total of 23 stitches: 15 overlock stitches, 3 coverstitches, 4 combo stitches and 1 chain stitch. More details


10 reasons to have an overlocker!

  • Cut, sew and finish in one step
  • Quick, professional and durable finish
  • Perfect for stretchy and woven fabrics
  • Excellent rolled hemming
  • Professional flat joining coverstitch seams
  • Flat and even seams and hems with differential feed
  • Ruffles and gathers automatically with differential feed
  • Vast applications with decorative threads
  • Speedy patchwork piecing for quilting
  • Unlimited creative possibilities with feet and accessories