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BERNINA Toolbox - Easy to Use Software

Want to let your embroidery creativity run free? Now, right away? Great – you can get started with a PC, Mac or even on the go with your tablet. Even if you don't have a lot of experience, you will be able to create delightful embroidery designs right away with the new BERNINA Toolbox. You can edit designs, add and change lettering, or create monograms. Select the desired software module and enjoy your new design freedom from the get-go! Start your 30 days free trial now!

Bundle them all for a great price: $799

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BERNINA Toolbox - a real boost for your embroidery

BERNINA Toolbox - Overview of the modules

Do what you want to do! With BERNINA Toolbox, you not only have the right tool for the job but you can access a number of inspiring designs and templates. Let your imagination run wild and make the most out of your ideas: custom embroidered works of art that will delight your friends and family!

BERNINA Toolbox Editing Module -  MSRP $249

  • 100 embroidery designs from the BERNINA cloud
  • Re-arrange, combine, duplicate, group, mirror, or distort embroidery designs
  • Remove, enlarge, or reduce individual elements
  • Change colors
  • Customize embroidery patterns using the editor
  • Create new designs

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BERNINA Toolbox Lettering Module - MSRP $349

  • 100 alphabets
  • 5 two-tone fonts
  • 6 text shapes
  • Text boxes for decorative elements
  • Exclusive frames for creating badges
  • 200 embroidery designs from the BERNINA cloud

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BERNINA Toolbox Lettering Basic Module - MSRP $249

  • Edit lettering
  • Combine lettering with embroidery designs
  • Insert text in lower or upper case into an embroidery design
  • Individually change text colors
  • 6 text shapes
  • Choose between bold and normal fonts
  • Layout variations: arch shape, vertical or horizontal
  • Choose your individual font
  • 20 alphabets
  • 100 embroidery designs from the BERNINA cloud

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BERNNA Toolbox  Monogramming Module - MSRP $249

  • For adding a personal "signature" touch to clothing, fabrics, home dec items and other projects
  • 15 specially designed monogram fonts
  • 10 fonts for very small monograms
  • Combinations of one to three-letter monograms with more than 60 monogram decorations
  • 100 embroidery designs from the BERNINA cloud
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BERNINA Toolbox is compatible with

The following formats for File-Import: Brother PES, BERNINA ART, BERNINA EXP, Husqvarna VP3, Janome JEF, Viking/Husqvarna HUS, Tajima DST, Husqvarna/Pfaff VIP, Singer XXX, Elna SEW, Pfaff PCS, Melco